G.G., your secret is out and I’m telling!


Ah, the dream montage…. Today’s the big wedding day and Serena is dreaming about being Marilyn Monroe?!!!

There was really no way Gossip Girl’s 100th episode, having been hyped for an entire season, while promising romance, tears, scandals, nods to the past and the mother of all shockers, could live up to its expectations.

“G.G.” didn’t lack for drama, however.

In what has come to be a make it-or-break it episode, Gossip Girl had a golden opportunity to redeem its recent mediocrity and prove itself worthy of all the passion and loyalty we’ve invested over the years. While there were some gaping plot holes and disappointments tonight, depending on your “Oh No” Moment, you can’t find fault with the pure number of twists, especially during the last five minutes.

Seriously … anyone see that coming?!

Georgina Sparks is Gossip Girl. Wow. Talk about saving the best for last. We have approximately eight million unanswered questions regarding how she pulled this off undetected all these years … but wow!!!

Who else could it be, though? Michelle Trachtenberg was hands down the best part of this episode, and every one she’s been in. From a plot standpoint, it actually made sense that Gossip Georgina was the one to torpedo the royal wedding. Much as she tried to pin it on Chuck, Serena, Dan and Nate, none of them would do that to B. With G.G.’s identity still unknown to all the characters, and Trachtenberg sticking around, it will be very interesting to see if she’s unmasked by the gang. While her latest, greatest act of sabotage came out of left field, that’s not exactly out of character for her. Every line out of her mouth was hilarious, but never more so than when she referred to their annual “shindig.” She really does show up without notice, and possesses an unparalleled way of stirring up trouble on a grand scale with seemingly no emotional attachment or conscience. Personality-wise, she’s tailor-made for the part. Having been down for the count, Gossip Georgina saw an opportunity for a big comeback and taking down Blair was the prime opportunity. Awful as we all feel for B, you gotta hand it to Evil G for this coup.

Joshua Safran – Kudos to you and your writing team for pulling off this storyline!!!

The episode wasn’t perfect, but it definitely injected the season with some fresh life, thanks to G.G. and the revelation that Louis is worse than a boring, uptight stiff that B doesn’t really love. Much, much worse.

We all expected somebody would stop the wedding, and knew Gossip Girl would be involved. But the fact that B went through with it in the end, only to be deceived by her prince, is heartbreaking and surprising.

Where does Mrs. Grimaldi (it hurts to even say it!) go from here?

The final twist of the night came when the runaway bride was rescued not by Chuck, but by Lonely Boy, Dan. Chuck is clearly not out of the picture, but he wasn’t on the other end of her distress call. Nice misdirection there.

From Dair and Chair, to Blouis and Derena, this episode gave fans on every side of the polarizing love square (love pentagon?) something to talk about. It’s hard to even know where to begin – or guess where we’re headed.

Blair found out who wrote Louis’ vows, but the author himself didn’t spill the beans. Chuck confessed his true feelings for her, only to let her go rather than ruin her wedding. Two great guys she has here. Call them her knights in shining … purple suits and Muppet hair? In a way, G.G. may have made it possible for Blair to be with Chuck (or Dan) without the baggage of him having ruined her nuptials to Louis. The interesting thing now is that Chuck and Dan won’t necessarily be pitted against each other yet, but joining forces in helping Blair escape the marriage that shouldn’t have been.

And then there’s Serena. Oh, S. No one can say this episode contained any filler – the characters put it all out there, from G.G. to Chuck, to Nate and even Serena, who dropped a massive L-bomb on Dan … and we don’t mean lonely. Serena’s been doing a lot of soul-searching (as has Nate, thanks to his run-in-with “Lola”), but sadly for her, this confession may not be reciprocated.

Funny how dreams can imitate real life, isn’t it?

In the non-romantic couples news, Serena and Blair’s friendship actually played a role for once, and for that we are grateful, as that used to be a central component of the show that has been sorely lacking of late.

We’ll see if that lasts, considering Dan’s role in both of their lives. It’s fitting in a way. It wouldn’t be S and B without a heavy dose of conflict interspersed with genuine concern and love for one another.

Next: Our Princess Bride is now a Runaway Bride, and seriously people, the musical sequence, really?!!

Addict Verdict: The last five minutes might just have saved the show from being canceled for the next season!

Fix-Your-On-Me-Scene(s): My eyes were nailed on to the screen during the last five minutes, when we find out, that,

  1. Blair chose to run away with not Nate, not Louis, and not even Chuck, but, Dan!!!…Oh, I’ve always wanted the Dair angle to work out, they just have so much in common!!!

G.G., Who are you? That’s a secret everyone one knows! You know we love you….


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Devious Maids clean dirty laundry!!


Desperate Housewives may be on its way out, but ABC is staying in business with Marc Cherry and his Devious Maids.

Based loosely on the Mexican telenovela The Disorderly Maids Of The Neighborhood, Devious Maids is described as a soap that follows four maids with ambition and dreams of their own while they work for the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. Cherry will write and executive-produce the one-hour ABC Studios project, which has just been given the pilot order. Desperate Housewives executive producer Sabrina Wind is also attached to executive-produce the project. The project marks Cherry’s second pilot in as many years; ABC passed on his musically tinged Hallelujah last year, and opted to redevelop it this season.

Will Devious Maids be the next Desperate Housewives?!

Lets wait, clean out our dirty laundry and make place for more…..!!!

Sherlock, ReVamped, AGAIN?!


CBS, the network that brought you dramas like, Ghost Whisperer, CSI, and the hit legal drama, The Good Wife, got on board this morning with its first drama pilot orders this season.

Elementary, from CBS TV Studios and studio-based Timberman/ Beverly Prods., is described as a modern take on the cases of the pipe-smoking private eye created by Arthur Conan Doyle, with Sherlock now living in New York City. Veteran Medium writer-producer Doherty wrote the script and is executive producing the project with Sarah Timberman & Carl Beverly. Sherlock Holmes is very much in the zeitgeist right now with Guy Ritchie’s movie franchise starring Robert Downey Jr. and BBC’s hit series Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch, which was just renewed for a third season.

Well, I guess America far way behind, not only in time, but also Foreign TV. There is already a modern Sherlock being done. Called Sherlock. On BBC. Starring Benedict Cumberpatch. And it’s wonderful.

While I do enjoy the new BBC series, the original & best Sherlock Holmes stories were about a man in the 1890′s! HIS methods were radical AND BEFORE  his time! Updating everyone from the books to present day, with all the new forensic procedures we have, almost defeats the purpose of what a wonder Sherlock was, don’t you think?! And the Robert Downey Jr. movie series, while being very entertaining, also destroys the persona by making him an eccentric brawler! Why can’t these writers just invent some NEW characters of their own? Wouldn’t that be fun?!

ooh… What about a male version of Irene Adler, I would sure love to see the irresistible sexual tension between him and Sherlock, won’t you say?!


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle must be hyperventilating in his grave!!!


Beauty & A Beastly Move…!


Hey Guys,

Beauty And The Beast is being reinvented by not one, but, TWO Broadcast stations! Read on..!

Disney-owned ABC is staying in a fairytale mode after spellbinding its audience with Once Upon A Time, by ordering a pilot about the all time favorite fairy-tale Beauty and the Beast in development for next season. Written by Jericho co-creator Jonathan E. Steinberg, the drama project is described as an epic fantasy re-imagining of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale. Steinberg is executive producing Beauty and the Beast with Mojo Films’ Gary Fleder and Mary Beth Basile for ABC Studios. It is eyed as a potential companion for Once Upon A Time in the Sunday 9 PM slot. BothOnce Upon A Time and Beauty And The Beast feature characters from classic Disney movies, including Snow White, Prince Charming, Belle and the Beast. Steinberg most recently developed FOX’s drama Human Target based on the comic book.

Also, if that does not get your juices flowing with have the second adaptation,

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that CBS Television Studios has ordered the pilot for a reboot of the ’80s cult classic Beauty and the Beast for The CW. The new version will not only modernize and CW-up the love story but also add a procedural twist. Without a Trace vet Jennifer Levin and Brothers & Sisters’ Sherri Cooper will pen the script and serve as executive producers along with the creator of the original series Ron Koslow; Paul Junger Witt and C. Anthony Thomas of Witt/Thomas Prods, which co-produced the 1980s series; and Bill Haber.

Side note: This B&B is not to be confused with the B&B pilot that ABC is developing for next season.


One thing we can be certain of is,
One of them will come out a Beauty, while the other turns out to be BEASTLY! LOL

Midnight Sun is rising, better watch out!


No, Edward’s not telling us how he met Bella, instead this update quite different…! Read on:

The major networks are starting to home in on their 2012 pilot orders. NBC and ABC gave out a flurry of greenlights Friday evening, with more to come this week.

One of the interesting new pilot orders by NBC, the network that gave us hit dramas like Heroes, ER, The Event, and New Dramas like The Firm, Grimm, is:

Midnight Sun, based on the Israeli series Timrot Ashan, aka Pillars of Smoke, is a thriller concerning an FBI investigation of the mysterious disappearance of a group living on a commune in Alaska. The Alaska setting is appropriate given that the original series is being described as Twin Peaks meets Northern Exposure meets LostMidnight Sun centers on a female FBI cult specialist starts an investigation that uncovers a larger conspiracy.


Lisa Zwerling wrote the adaptation and is executive producing the pilot with Peter Traugott, his executive Rachel Kaplan and Alon Aranya.

Although the incomplete Stephanie Meyer novel has absolutely nothing to do with this, expect for having the same name, to the dismay of many, the plot does seem interesting in its own way…….. Doesn’t it?!

Hell’s Belles are ringing, Ding Dong!


For all the blissfully ignorant cynics out there, here’s a little recap of what Hart of Dixie is all about:

Sarcastic, witty and fast-talking New Yorker and completely new doctor Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson IS BACK!!!) has it all figured out – right after graduating top of her class from med school, she’ll follow in her father’s footsteps and turn into a cardio-thoracic surgeon. But when her dreams sink right down the gutter, Zoe decides to accept an offer from the stranger, Dr. Harley Wilkes, to work with him or her at his small practice in Bluebell, Alabama. Zoe arrives in this small Gulf Coast town simply to find that Harley has perished (huh?!) and left his half of the medical practice to her in his will (HUH?!).

Zoe quickly finds that Southern hospitality isn’t exactly quite so hospitable, in fact, quite the opposite of hospitable, HOSTILE!!! (*sigh* Enough Ho’s in one sentence) – the other doctor in town, Brick Breeland, is less than happy to be sharing the practice with this peculiar young outsider, and his daughter, Lemon, a Southern belle , whose sweet disposition turns sour when she meets Zoe. Zoe’s only allies will be the mayor, former football star Lavon Hayes, her bad-boy neighbor (who she accidently makes out with in her drunken haze, in the back seat of his car…LMAO!) Wade Kinsella, and handsome lawyer George Tucker – who just has become Lemon’s fiance. Zoe after coming to the conclusion that she does not belong in Bluebell, begins to pack her bags, but a surprise stop by her snobby Big Apple mother leads to Zoe’s decision to stay in Bluebell for a while, discovering a side of herself she hadn’t known was there.

For the record, Zoe Hart is a far braver human being than I am. Not only did she not scream like a 12-year old girl at the sight of a mouse, she actively pursued its capture. But Zoe’s rodent hunt was only the beginning of her aggressive behavior on “Hell’s Belles,” as our favorite southern doctor made it her mission to dig into her past, The discovery led to moments both funny and revealing.

It’s almost difficult to remember that Zoe ended up in Bluebell because she couldn’t land a residency in New York without improving her bedside manner. This was only meant to be a one-year sabbatical before returning to her preferred life up north… but Zoe immediately started talking about living up to the expectations of her birth father, as opposed to working to achieve her goal of a career in The Big Apple, and I just don’t buy it.

So I’m glad the show sort of hit the reset button here. It makes perfect sense that Zoe would feel lost in Alabama, uprooted from everything she knows and everything she had believed about herself. Brick actually delivered a nice speech to motivate his pupil/co-worker/enemy at the outset (Before you try and fit in, find out where you fit in) and it was a welcome step for Zoe to take some time to dig into her past.

From the mere sight of Zoe in that dress; to her comparison of Fort Lauderdale to heaven; to the joke about the town eunuch between Wade and Lavon; to Zoe asking if the town is permitted to discuss “feminine products” out loud. The episode was filled with great, hilarious moments all along.

As they say in real life, you can’t truly love someone until you love yourself. It’s similar on television. You can’t truly love a couple until you know each individual well on his/her own and that’s exactly what we were treated to here.

Wade used to be a hot guy who rarely wears a shirt and often cracks wise. But, it was refreshing to take a deeper look into his family. Wade’s relationship with his father clearly plays a role in how he develops relationships with others, explaining why he’s more apt to make a sarcastic crack than really open up. The guy didn’t exactly grow up in a loving household – but maybe it’s not too late to change that.

Finally, we come to Lemon, who was also forced to explore her background this week and how it’s shaped her treatment of those around her. I’d say this was the best job yet the show has done at softening the character and making her somewhat believable, but it may be too late for me. All the Bluebell women just come across as one-note stereotypes.

Overall, though, a very welcome return to Bluebell. If Zoe feels like a mystery novel with the final chapter torn out, this episode went a long way toward writing one that is both funny and moving.

Watch out for the song she has to sing as a part of her Belle Initiation:

“I’m a Belle, a Southern Belle, a ‘Bama Belle, a Dixie Belle, and I got secrets I won’t tell. If y’all don’t like it, go to hell-o, soldier, what’s your pleasure?”

Addict Verdict: Funny ‘Dis’Appointment with the Doctor!

Fix-Your-Eyes-On-Me Scene: When Zoe Hart is being chased by Lemon’s minions, in the traditional Belle costume! Seriously LOL!

Hey guys, check this out, it will have you ROFL!!!

Wizards of Upper East Side?!


Sure sounds like it!

Gossip Girl meets Bewitched?! I’m just as amazed! Read on:

ABC has made a date with the Devil.

The network has ordered the pilot of 666 Park Avenue, a drama from Alloy Entertainment, the producers of The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle and Gossip Girl.

From Warner Bros. Television and Alloy, 666 Park Avenue is based on the book series by Gabriella Pierce. Like the books, the drama centers on an innocent couple from the Midwest that moves to New York and gets hired to be resident managers of a building on the Upper East Side. There, unbeknownst to the couple, the residents have all unwittingly made deals with the Devil to have their deepest needs, ambitions and desires fulfilled.

David Wilcox is attached to adapt the project and executive produce alongside Alloy’s Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo. The project marks a reunion of sorts for ABC entertainment chief  Paul Lee and Alloy executives, who worked together when Lee was at ABC Family. ABC chief Paul Lee previously worked with Alloy at ABC Family where he developed and greenlighted the Alloy/WBTV-produced hit Pretty Little Liars.

Wilcox most recently served as a co-executive producer for FOX’s Fringe. He previously held the same position on ABC’s Life On Mars and NBC’s Law & Order. This is the second ABC drama pilot set at a New York residential building after Shonda Rhimes, Gilded Lillys.

666 Park joins a growing network of teen favored Alloy dramas that include ABC Family‘s The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game. It one of the four dramas ordered to pilot at the network this season, joining Shonda Rhimes‘ period hotel piece Gilded Lillys.

Hmm…. I wonder what if we had a Gossip Girl at Hogwarts?! Food for thought!