Unleash the Darkness within…….!


Its time to bundle up your gifts and become a part of the guiltiest circle on television. Yes, that’s right, Its the highly awaited winter premiere of The Secret Circle! Rightfully, titled “Darkness“, this episode revolves around how Cassie Blake (the New-in-town-and-stirs-up-trouble girl) need to come to terms with her evil side, in order to follow her lineage, yeah, she come from a long line of Dark Wizards, viz., the Balcoins, starting with Francis Balcoin, which later became the Blackwells, John Blackwell, Cassie’s father.

Enough with the sounds-so-familiar-yet-so-unknown lineage, now, lets start with the opening. Here we have Jake, doing a very Edward-Cullen-esque type sneak-into-the-bedroom-when-she-is-sleeping thing. But, the problem with this dream sequence is that, Jake ends up choking on his own blood, courtesy, Cassie Blake’s “Dark Powers”! (FYI, that’s definitely not the way I dream of Jake at night!)

Also, that choking out blood stuff was not just limited to her dreamworld, No, quote Faye, “She almost choked Adam to his death using her MIND!” Oh, and, It gets better, not only does she find out more about her lineage, Cassie even learns how to control her “powers’, courtesy, Diana’s Grandmother, the fairy godmother with a bad motive! C’MON, She tried to kill Cassie,  believing that her Dark Powers would go with her! First, she lures the poor girl into the woods promising her to get rid of the dark potential then, then, knocks her out and buries her ALIVE!!!

Now, Lets move to the other simultaneous  storyline, that of Faye, the-up-to-no-good Bee-Otch is back to her sinister self! And this time, she has Melissa join her in her shenanigans! Whilst hungry for individual power, Yes, She can’t use her powers since the circle was bound, she comes across Lee Lebaque, played by Gray Damon (Aashay flutters his eyes & reminisces The Nine Lives of Chloe King)! Lee appears to know quite about voodoo and magic, so says his blog…(HUH?!) But, au contraire, he’s just an imposter, and Faye only arrived at this conclusion after Lee got to second base with her!

Addict Verdict: Less Magic, More Talking! Leaves much to be expected!

Fix-Your-Eyes-On-Me-Scene: Cassie unleashes the darkness within her and releases herself from her captivity by exploding the wooden box she was trapped in, into the air!!!


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