Let Fire burn Ice….?!


It sure looks that way!

This week’s episode of The Secret Circle called “Fire/Ice” was a little mellow for me. The brief blazes of heat were chilled by some murdering suspense that appear characteristic of the shows episodes centered around a dance, and odd character choices. Read on for my take on the Heatwaves & the Frost bites of the episodes:

Heatwave: The bonding between Melissa and Diana was commendable. Any insight into their lives sans the witchcraft and misery was soft on the eyes. Also, we found out these two used to hangout before Diana started dating Adam, and Melissa became Faye’s shadow. I only hope that this Melissa-Diana story line has a decent backbone!

Frostbite: While I loved watching Faye going to new highs to obtain her goal in becoming an “indie” witch, her constant trial at getting there, seemed to take desperation to a whole new level. I wasn’t completely enthralled when Faye just strut onto the dance floor and start abusing magic in front of everyone, I mean, she has done it before, but, tell me, How much can she do??  To quench her thirst for power, Faye, with the help of Lee Lebaque, she tried to drain the powers of Cassie, but, instead of doing that, her actions affected the entire circle! It makes me wonder that when the Circle started to pass out on the dance floor in clear view of the people around them, no one seemed to notice? No wonder witches settled in Chance Harbor.

Heatwave: Most of this week’s episode revolved around how far would Faye go get Power. Even though, Faye’s feelings have been smoldering beneath sarcastic comments and bitchiness to spare all season, not to mention her spontaneity flare into some freakish displays of magic (the storm on the boardwalk), and horrific misfires (Sally Matthews dashed on the rocks) before. However, the emotional fallout of Faye’s ill-fated dark magic heist is what sets her latest power trip apart from the others. The Circle confronts Faye about her dangerous stunts, and she turns the tables on them, stating that Cassie’s mischief equals hers. Although, Cassie argues that her incidents were accidental and Faye’s intentional, I agree with Cassie, but I appreciate Faye defending herself because it reveals a certain personality trait about her that I find quite attractive!

Frostbite: Earlier Faye was enraged that Lebaque knew she’d be tapping the Circle’s power source instead of Cassie’s, and pinned him against the wall.  But, then to sneak back into his shop? Shouldn’t she be setting his shop ablaze, and squeezing his balls  for good measure? As curious as I am to see where this is going, I can’t help but feel a little irritated!

Addict Verdict:  Sufficient to say, greed is a deadly deed. You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods (in this case, the circle’s).

Fix-Your-Eyes-On-Me Scene: Faye, rejuvenated with her new-found powers, tries her malicious acts on the dance floor, and while doing so, she gives a smile, that is so devious and sinister, that I can’t help but swallow! Damn, this woman is Oh-Sooo-Sexy!!!

BTW, I’ve just seen the promo for the next week’s episode, and its oozing with Revelations!!! Can’t Wait!!


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