Witness History, repeating itself?!

Kinda, but not the the way you’d think!! Read on:
May I just start by saying that the “previously on The Secret Circle” crap before the episode starts is really beginning to annoy me. If you are an dedicated follower of the show, you know what’s going on, right?! I’m certain there may be some stragglers who need to catch up—but I’m not them, so stop please, writers, don’t taint my television with one minute of wasted air time!!!

Okay, so Where were we?
Right, we were left off with Cassie and Adam making out in the abandoned houses basement and Jake walks in……! He’s back and has his eyes set on Cassie!!

After six months of casually alluding to it, The Secret Circle finally ventured into the vaunted boat fire mystery that killed a dozen people 16 years ago, via Cassie incepting Jake. And after Heatwaves & Frosbites from last week, this show has finally rattled some momentum.
Was it how you imagined? The boat fire? My imagination would’ve been no where close to the elephants’ graveyard of Chance Harbor. Unlike past attempts, this time however, the writers deftly handled the Great Boat Fire of 1995, actually. We got a lot of information to play with and a few lingering hooks, the most prominent, of course, is that John Blackwell is ALIVE.

But what else? For one, Jake knows the witch hunter Evan — which means he did NOT die when Blackwell lit him on fire. Back in the day, a rift in the circle developed between trusting Blackwell and an offer to appease the witch hunters; what’s kind of interesting is the way the show keeps insisting on dark magic’s utility. Cassie can solve the mystery — with black magic. Blackwell can survive — with black magic. And the witches who survived that day? They were the ones siding with dark magic. On the other hand, they also ended up like Dawn, Charles, and Ethan, so maybe there’s not much that’s come to order.

Cassie’s descent into Jake’s memories, (Yes, he was there the night of the fire, which reflects on the episode’s name, “Witness“) and through the boat, however, worked. The writers drew it out properly where you’re trying to gather as much information as you can, while Cassie moves inwards towards the execution. Even in the one moment that was really funny — when Cassie brushes off the girl (WHO IS SHE?) who can suddenly see her in the memory, super casual, too, like the girl was one of those clipboard people on the street — it generally made sense because her dead father was in the room. Of course, she’d go further. Like Diana said, “I’d do it too, if I could. Just to see them? To know the truth?”

Finally, the story seems like it’s going to start shifting its ways, now that we know Ethan was also on the boat that day. Conveniently, Ethan has turned sober and not let Dawn play him into giving up his newly acquired crystal. Looking carefully into that scene, you’ll notice that Ethan came from the direction of the room in which the others were murdered. Hmm…..
Cassie uncovering that Ethan was there the night of the fire is making me question his loyalty. We know how much he hated John Blackwell, so I could totally see him working with the witch hunters to end John’s reign for good. Plus, he had a little too much fun making Charles choke on water. P.S. Dawn Chamberlain is super sketchy and majorly manipulative.

Also, we find out that Amelia, Cassie’s Mom was pissed that John betrayed her… now, I doubt it’s the whole dark magic scenario so I’m going to go with the whole cheating on her and having an illegitimate child with someone else. That makes sense. Gawd, I should write for this show!!! Don’t you think?!

Melissa is missing in action, AGAIN, no surprise there. I really REALLY hope she’s the other Balcoin (Blackwell) child so Jessica Parker Kennedy can get some screen time! Like, seriously, why is she always out of town??!

And elsewhere,

Faye—resident bad girl gets her hands on some forbidden magical drug. Although it’s very predictable, I’m hoping the writers spice it up a little bit and avoid Faye ending up in magical drug rehab. Imagine if that existed?!! It probably does. LOL! Phoebe Tonkin’s acting just keeps getting better and better. I can confidently say she is one of my favorite characters to watch.
Whilst at it, Lee tells Faye that his ex, Eva took too much of that magical drug stuff and it really messed her up. I love how even after Faye hears about the dangers of it she still takes it from that creepy dude, Creepy Callum (Michael Graziadei, So hot!!! Loved him in American Horror Story as Jessica Lange’s sexy boy toy!).

Aussi, Diana and Adam are trying to be friends post breakup but it doesn’t seem to be working out that well. You can tell they miss each other, but not enough to get back together. It really breaks my heart every time Diana and Adam are in a scene together; Shelley Hennig’s delivery is sheer perfection. I get choked up just watching because you can totally relate to her character. Dear writers, give Diana a better story line, the one where could be sweet slut next door!!!

Cassie and Jake dug up her supposed dead fathers grave and found what seems to be animal remains. Oooh, scary. Not. Totally saw that coming.

Addict Verdict: Presents more questions, but answers few!

Fix-Your-Eyes-On-Me-Scene: When John Blackwell, is supposedly burned alive as a part of a ritual to eradicate witches, courtesy Witch Hunters. The whole scene is quite revealing if you watch it closely, John escapes, dropping his “Medallion“, yeah, that’s the name of the next episode, and also, the writers made us believe that John reversed the spell and lit all the witch hunters on fire, except that’s not the case!!


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