Sherlock, ReVamped, AGAIN?!


CBS, the network that brought you dramas like, Ghost Whisperer, CSI, and the hit legal drama, The Good Wife, got on board this morning with its first drama pilot orders this season.

Elementary, from CBS TV Studios and studio-based Timberman/ Beverly Prods., is described as a modern take on the cases of the pipe-smoking private eye created by Arthur Conan Doyle, with Sherlock now living in New York City. Veteran Medium writer-producer Doherty wrote the script and is executive producing the project with Sarah Timberman & Carl Beverly. Sherlock Holmes is very much in the zeitgeist right now with Guy Ritchie’s movie franchise starring Robert Downey Jr. and BBC’s hit series Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch, which was just renewed for a third season.

Well, I guess America far way behind, not only in time, but also Foreign TV. There is already a modern Sherlock being done. Called Sherlock. On BBC. Starring Benedict Cumberpatch. And it’s wonderful.

While I do enjoy the new BBC series, the original & best Sherlock Holmes stories were about a man in the 1890′s! HIS methods were radical AND BEFORE  his time! Updating everyone from the books to present day, with all the new forensic procedures we have, almost defeats the purpose of what a wonder Sherlock was, don’t you think?! And the Robert Downey Jr. movie series, while being very entertaining, also destroys the persona by making him an eccentric brawler! Why can’t these writers just invent some NEW characters of their own? Wouldn’t that be fun?!

ooh… What about a male version of Irene Adler, I would sure love to see the irresistible sexual tension between him and Sherlock, won’t you say?!


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle must be hyperventilating in his grave!!!



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