Duplicity Unparalleled!


For all the (dead) Ringers out there, who have absolutely no clue about this show, and its incredibility(…is that a word?!),
Here’s a little recap of what went down the last year,

Bridget Kelly escapes from witness protection on the eve of a big trial, in which she is the key witness, and meets up with her identical twin Siobhan Martin with whom she has been estranged for the last six years and find that their lives are both unraveling at the same time. Bridget, a recovering addict and ex-stripper, is on the run from the mob after witnessing a murder. She flees to her twin sister Siobhan’s home. The sisters seem to be repairing their broken relationship until Siobhan mysteriously disappears overboard during a boat trip the sisters take together. Bridget takes on Siobhan’s identity and soon discovers her sister’s seemingly perfect life is full of secrets, lies and deception, and far more complicated than she thought!

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s soapy CW drama returns for its first episode of 2012. ‘It Just Got Normal’ does its best to up the stakes even further for the show’s characters, but ultimately can’t help but feel like a disappointment.

This week on Ringer:

It Just Got Normal” felt anything but fun, as Siobhan snuck around New York and stalked on her alter ego. How creepy was it to watch Siobhan sneak around her old apartment spying on her husband and sister??!? Takes being a Peeping Tom to a whole new level, won’t you say?! However, it must be quite disconcerting watching such a happy version of herself and Andrew. I’ll bet she never expected that when she faked her own death. That ring will surely cause trouble down the road. Did Siobhan simply take it out of spite or does she have a plan?

When they first sprung the story about Juliet and Mr. Carpenter last year I wasn’t a fan, but this episode made it a lot more interesting. I had wondered if Juliet was making the story up but now it looks like she was actually raped. Damn. Meanwhile, I loved Bridget punching the sleaze ball. I disagreed with Andrew, though. Any mother would have wanted to do far worse. Still, it was a good start.

There’s plenty of potential in relocating the character to New York, and this week it was great fun to watch her playing a very dangerous game – leading Henry up the garden path and even returning to her old apartment to scowl at her twin from behind a curtain. This W-H-A-T?!! is the kind of absurdity that Ringer does best.

And now that Siobhan’s no longer just a shadowy presence making sinister phone calls from a Paris hotel, she has to humanize her a little more. She displays genuine emotion when reunited with Henry and it seems that her feelings for him at least are genuine (Though Lord knows why -Kristoffer Polaha brings good looks to the part, but lacks charisma). Poor Henry must have felt like a damned yo-yo. Siobhan wanted him desperately while Bridget couldn’t get away from him quickly enough. Unfortunately, he didn’t know they were two different people. He was certainly getting jerked around.

Mädchen Amick’s addition to the Ringer cast is also welcome, particularly in the absence of Tara Summers’s Gemma (*SOB!!!*). Greer’s awkward dinner date with Bridget and Andrew in the opening scenes is great fun – full of veiled bitchiness. Her knowledge of Siobhan’s affair with Henry also complicates things for Bridget – a pleasing development.

When Ringer left us last December the plot felt murky and maudlin but tonight’s episode brought back some of the fun I had enjoyed from the start. So where do you think Juliet’s story is headed? How long can Siobhan wander around New York before somebody notices that she’s pregnant and what do you think she’s really going to tell Henry? We’ve got another week to try and figure it all out.

Addict Verdict: Too Normal, about time we spice things up a little! Don’t you think?!

Fix-Your-Eyes-On-Me-Scene: The scene with Bridget having a shower unaware that her twin, Siobhan is standing right behind her…*Major Goosebumps*


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