Meddling with the “Medallion”!!


Fact: The only thing more magical than the town of Chance Harbor is my love for Jake Armstrong. Join me as I guide you through this epic episode of The Secret Circle, wherein Adam celebrates his birthday, Melissa takes “the herb,” and Jake, Cassie, and Adam partake in the most sexciting love triangle of our generation!

We’re still afraid of pigs thanks to the last time witch hunters took a stay-cation in Chance Harbor, and apparently they’re boating back to town. Their target? Cassie Blake. This poor girl has already been through the ringer – first her grandma disappeared to a “retreat” (read: Absurd MIA), then she choked on her imagination, and now a bunch of burnt (flashback: Freddy Kreuger…CREEPY!)  men and their minions are trying to kill her.
So how does Cassie learn this info? From Lucy, a psychic who was on the boat 16 years ago and recognizes Cassie. Turns out Lucy’s in town to warn Cass that one of the witch hunters peeped on her while she was in Jake’s memory, and now the whole crew wants her dead.

Meanwhile, Diana tells Adam about Cassie’s new grave-digging hobby, and he storms over to her house to mark his territory and tearfully bring up that night they kissed. Sigh, where is an acoustic guitar when we need one? Obviously, Cassie turns to Jake for help since Adam is an emotional mess, and the two of them head to the old house to get frisky with her dad’s necklace.  Just staring at this piece of silver man-bling causes a crazy windstorm in the basement, and naturally Jake saves Cassie by throwing his studly body on her. Our hero! Unfortunately, Adam skips down the stairs and walks in on them, and the poor guy is so overcome with jealousy that he wanders off into a nearby field. After Cassie talks Adam down, she and Jake hop drive to Lucy’s hotel, where she tells them that the medallion needs to be “unlocked” by the Circle. There’s just one problem: When Cassie and Jake get back to her house, she realizes that the medallion has been stolen from her secret cubby hole.

En attendant, It’s Adam’s birthday. Ethan decides Adam’s in need of a party, so he turns to Diana for help! Despite the whole thing being slightly awkward, Diana party-plans her heart out and gives a super-emotional speech about her “friendship” with Adam. Sigh, can’t these two just work it out? While this emo display of affection is going down, Cassie realizes that Adam stole her medallion, so she shows up at the party to get it back. Girlfriend is caught in the kind of love triangle that dreams are made of, and she has to make a decision. As beautiful and sweet as Adam is, Cassie wants to be with someone who understands her, so she lets Adam down easy and heads back to Jake. Unfortch, their love connection is broken when Jake reveals that he killed a witch!

In other news, Dawn seems to have a sinister cut on her hand, which apparently is a nasty side effect of “marking” someone. Turns out Dawn marked Lucy after she failed to protect John Blackwell on the boat 16 years ago – but everything not quite as it seems; Dawn forces Lucy to help her track down a crystal, and just as we think we’re in for some female bonding, Lucy stabs Dawn in the stomach and leaves her for dead. That’s right, girlfriend is a witch hunter!

After Adam’s party, Cassie gathers the Circle to activate the medallion. They meet up with Lucy in the woods, and she instructs them to stand around a fire, hold hands, and chant a spell. As the fire roars, the gang realize that the medallion is stealing their magic, and Lucy explains that the reason it’s so powerful is because it holds generations of witchy power. Unfortunately for Lucy, Cassie remembers the spell her father used to kill the witch hunters 16 years ago. Cass burns Lucy’s feet until she admits that John Blackwell is still alive, and then banishes her from Chance Harbor. Sadly (actually, not that sadly), Lucy reports back to her witch hunter leader and gets her throat slit. It was a good run.

I can’t say the same for the witch, though, whose throat was slashed by her mysterious witch-hunter master when she reported her failure. Cassie claims the circle is “ready” for the hunters to bring it — but I’m not so sure.

In other news, Charles is determined to reunite with his crystal, so he roofies Ethan’s coffee, takes back his pet rock, and heads over to Dawn’s house – only to find her swimming in a pool of blood. Don’t worry Chawn fans – Charles rubs his crystal all over Dawn’s face and she wakes up in his arms. Is it wrong that we think their relationship is the cutest on the show?

The rest of the characters are busy having a montage; Melissa calls up Callum for some more Devil’s Spirit, Adam tears up when he discovers a present from Diana, and Cassie creates a windstorm in the basement and mutters “daddy” under her breath. But most importantly? Jake invites Faye over to his bachelor pad and they have a crazy-hot makeout session. Feel free to pass out onto your computer.

But aside from the raging hormones of Chance Harbor, the episode was still plenty meaty. After getting her hands on her father’s medallion, Cassie met up with the witch who confronted her in Jake’s memory last week, and she convinced the circle to perform a spell to release the power of the bling. Little did they know, they were being tricked into trapping their powers in the medallion! That’s when bad-ass Cassie nearly lit the woman on fire in order to get the truth out of her: John Blackwell is, in fact, very much alive.

Addict Verdict: Finally, after a very bumpy detour, the show’s going somewhere…!!!

Fix-Your-Eyes-On-Me Scene: The scene where Cassie unleashes her dark magic after confronting with Lucy about her deception, is one to look out for!

What did you think of  the episodeAre you mad at Faye for hooking up with Jake, or does she have every right to steal her ex-boyfriend back? With John Blackwell be a friend or foe? And when is Melissa going to do… anything?!


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