When you’ve got this much cash, Why Cry?!


Can I just say wow? For once Ringer both impressed and surprised me. I did not see the reveal with Juliet and Mr. Carpenter coming. “It’s Easy To Cry When This Much Cash Is Involved” was easily one of the best episodes of the entire season, due in large part to how quickly the narrative began moving forward.

This Week… Bridget visits some of the last locations Siobhan visited before her ‘death’, while Henry is blackmailed by Olivia. Meanwhile, Juliet’s rape trial takes an unlikely (and baffling) twist…

Bridget followed the bread crumbs left behind by Siobhan and her trusty driver. Her driver totally believes her tale about how she’s recently sober (WHA??) and therefore can’t remember anything about her past actions or personality. He then proceeds to take her on a best of Siobhan’s evil scheme tour, bringing her first to an unnamed office. There Bridget picks up a key while Siobhan skulks around in her own closet, gun drawn, like a serial killer.

Next up, Bridget visits the shooting gallery where she discovers the connection between Gemma’s murderer John and Siobhan. This gets Bridget’s tiny brain to basically short-circuit itself as she realizes that John initially pretended not to know her.

Along the way she also stops by a hokey restaurant where you write your plot revelations on pieces of paper and then slip them into a table for eventual discovery. In the compartment Bridget finds the note that Siobhan left saying that she had tried to forgive her sister but couldn’t. Forgive her for what? Well there was a picture of Siobhan hugging a little boy on the desk in her secret lair, so I’m guessing that Bridget had something to do with the death of Siobhan’s son and it still holds some water.

While Bridget is snooping, Siobhan is busy juggling Tyler and Henry. Henry has a lot of feelings about how she’s been playing with him. In addition to lapping up Siobhan’s lies, Henry is being played by Andrew’s scheming business partner Olivia. Olivia bribes her way into business with the wealthy Tim Arbogast using a photo stolen from Henry’s phone of him and Siobhan in bed together. The offending picture, by the way, is from a third person’s perspective, with neither Henry or Siobhan behind the lens – probably best not to ask why a third person was snapping away during their intimate moments…

Henry probably should have consulted her first before he gave into Olivia’s blackmail and got Gemma’s poor trusting father to invest in Andrew’s company though. Why? Because those keys Siobhan steals back from Bridget open a box full of something very bad for Andrew. Something that will allow Siobhan to escape Andrew with all his precious money in tow. We don’t know what it is, because this is “Ringer” and they need a shock ending but Henry’s “OMG girl, are you serious?!” face says it’s pretty good.

But the most shocking twist of the episode was undoubtedly the turn in the Juliet storyline. As soon as I saw Juliet and Tessa rifling through the hotel mini-bar I said “Holy ‘Wild Things’!” Which was the exact second that Mr. Carpenter came strolling through the door with liquor for the underage girls. I didn’t think you had it in you Ringer but you legitimately surprised me! I have to admit, I did not see that one coming. Not even, when Mr. Carpenter counter-sued Andrew for defamation of character after Tessa’s teary confession that she faked her charges, unraveled Juliet’s whole case. I don’t know if I should be applauding this but kudos for shock-value need to be given when they are earned. Bravo Ringer. Even though I wasn’t convinced at first, by the end of this episode I completely believed that Juliet was raped by Mr. Carpenter. I thought Tessa’s corroboration and subsequent breakdown in the restroom were real too.

When Catherine and Bridget prodded Andrew to settle with Carpenter, I thought it was the wrong thing to do. At the very least I thought they should have spoken to Juliet about it. Now I see that wouldn’t have mattered.

No sign of Machado in the episode – presumably his investigation was going nowhere this week, not that that’s stopped Ringer from keeping up with him in the past. Malcolm is also absent for the second week running, though Bridget does leave him an answer phone message at one point, in order to deliver a batch of revealing exposition to the viewer…

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Were you shocked by the Juliet “Wild Things” twist? Will she be found out? Will the guilt eat her up or will the money keep her happy? What does Siobhan have on Andrew’s company? Will Siobhan continue to string both Henry and Tyler along?  And will Bridget ever figure out her sister’s not dead? And will all Hell break loose when Siobhan and Bridget finally face off? What’s your theory? Comment!!

Addict Verdict: “I thought the road would lead some answers, but, it only led to more questions!”, says Bridget and I agree with her. The episode might be quite baffling, but, we’re left with more questions!!

Fix-Your-Eyes-On-Me Scene: The letter Bridget finds left by Siobhan confessing that she wishes she could forgive her sister, but can’t! Definitely fix your eyes on that one!


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