Psycho Trauma – Been There. Psychotherapy – Done That. Psycho Trail?! – What The Firm!


This Week, Mitch takes on the case of psychiatrist Elle Larson, who is accused of murdering a patient that had been stalking her. Meanwhile, Ray digs deeper into the Sarah Holt case.

In “Chapter Four”, the present day, Mitch is on the run. He meets Abby, Ray, and Tammy at Ray’s boat, and lets them know what has happened so far. His dialogue serves as a catch-up for those that might not have seen the show thus far. We also get a glimpse into the FBI/Police (not sure which), and they classify Martin’s dive off the balcony as a homicide, because someone spotted Mitch running from the scene. They put an APB out on Mitch.

Hey! We have a title sequence! YAY! And a decent one at that too! Call me old-fashioned, but I miss the days of title sequences and theme songs. And this one, all angles and dramatic underscore, was pretty neat. Josh Lucas’ fine mug is featured prominently throughout. Interesting that Callum gets second billing. Seems like the show should be called “Josh’s Eyes” instead of The Firm, since every ad, billboard, and this title sequence seem to focus on them quite a bit. Not that I am complaining.

We jump back to 4 weeks earlier, and we start with a scene with Mitch and Abby. I absolutely love their relationship. They remind me a lot of Coach and Tami Taylor from the glorious “Friday Night Lights”. They have highs and lows, but they are always there for each other. The first scene sweetens them for me. Such an easy mushy-mushy chemistry between Lucas and Molly Parker. And, that makes it easier to believe them as husband and wife. And Oh-No!!, Claire does not make an appearance this week! She is only mentioned in passing.

Mitch and the Scooby Gang continue to work on the more-than-it-seems Sarah Holt case. Ray takes point this week, investigating the son who was also at the scene of the crime. I love watching Ray work cases. He is a lot less polished, and a lot more gangster about getting information from people. The way he confronts the son was so fun to watch, because he was so proud of himself when he got the reaction he wanted. And I never thought I’d say this after The X-Files: I Want To Believe, but Callum Keith Rennie is kinda charming.

Meanwhile, the lawyers at Kinross and Clark let us know that Sarah Holt’s computer was firm-issued (WHAT?!), and holds “incriminating evidence” against the firm. This is interesting news, as all we know about Sarah so far is that she met the old lady the day of her murder. Clark tells Andrew to remote-wipe Sarah’s hard drive as soon as the computer was turned on. (Kind of a TV trope, don’t you think?!) Also, is Andrew’s only role on this show going to be as Alex Clark’s minion? There’s so much more that could be done with his character, especially since he’s the one villain with a personal tie to Mitch (even though I think he was never really Mitch’s friend). But after a fair amount of screen time in the premiere, Shaun Majumder has been relegated to running errands.

We also peek in on the Moralto crime family, who has a vendetta against Mitch McDeere for getting Papa Bear taken down. Someone is watching Mitch, and lets Junior know that he is easy to get to, if they want to take him down. Junior isn’t interested right now (Bummer!).

In the Case-of-the-Week, Mitch is defending a psychotherapist accused of murdering a patient who was stalking her. We start this case in a slightly different way as the previous episodes—we don’t meet the defendant at the start of their meetings with Mitch. We meet the defendant on the first day of trial. Actually, now that I think about it, in all of the CotWs’ we have seen so far, we are introduced to them at a different starting point of the case. I wonder why I didn’t notice that before…

Can I just say, I am SO glad that I have never been a murder trial juror! During the Prosecution’s questioning, I am fully ready to convict the defendant, and after the Defense’s questioning, I doubt everything I have heard. I would have the hardest time, and would be the only hold-out on a jury because I wouldn’t be able to make a decision.

A couple of questions popped up for me during the CotW:

– Some new information was brought to light during questioning—would the defense be able to take a break to question its client during the interrogation of a witness?

– I made the connection with a key point in this trial. Why didn’t the defendant or Mitch make that connection right away? I thought this guy was smart? (he did make the connection eventually, but it just seemed like a TV thing, not to realize the connection until the third act!)

The courtroom scenes again had a cinematic quality about them. Mitch continuing to question witnesses through multiple objections by the prosecution seemed to run amiss of what would actually happen. I so need to get my lawyer friends to comment on this! Thankfully, the “twist” in the case this week made it interesting. I really didn’t know how this one was going to end until it was over!

The Firm has settled into a routine a bit. The present-day/past-case/present-day format is easier to follow now, and each Case-of-the-Week is approached from a slightly different way, which makes the format not as predictable. However, this episode had a frantic pace to it, as they are dealing with so many issues during one episode (Not that there isn’t enough of it already on TV!)

Addict Verdict: The writers continue each plotline each episode, which makes for some breakneck storytelling. With some major groundbreaking shows coming up, I am hoping that The Firm sticks around long enough to have the stories concluded!

Fix-You-Eyes-On-Me Scene: Watch out for Ray’s scene with the son of Sarah Holt’s alleged murder victim, who happened to be a deputy sheriff. He almost seemed to enjoy poking the guy, which befits his history as an ex-con.


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