You’re pretty, but you’re going to jail!


On this week’s episode of Ringer,

Agent Machado’s past with his informant, stripper Shaylene Briggs is revealed and Siobhan deceives Malcolm when she pretends to be Bridget. In Paris, Tyler takes something from Siobhan that is a key piece of evidence in her plot for revenge. Henry realizes Bridget knows more than she should and has to keep her from interfering with his plans.

You’re Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail” begins with Tyler bringing Siobhan flowers and reports with suspicious data. The numbers don’t match those she has on a flash drive, and he wants to go to the authorities. However, she points out as Andrew’s wife, she’ll be left with nothing. They need to be smart about it. He just wants them to be together and a family. Still thinking that he is the father, He tells her that he has enough information to go forward to the SEC to turn in Andrew and the other at Martin/Charles so they can start their new family together. Siobhan tries to talk him out of it, but the next morning, Tyler is gone, along with the files. Tyler calls Lanfare to say he has proof against Martin/Charles. He can’t get immunity until they see something. This may complicate things for everyone.

Back in New York, Andrew tries to tell Bridget that the Ponzi scheme was a temporary solution to his company’s money trouble, and that he was working on a plan to dig them out of the hole. He didn’t tell her when she had suspicions before because he thought she’d turn him in. Bridget goes to Malcolm with her problems and he immediately jumps to the idea that Andrew is going to try to kill her. Bridget refuses to believe he’s capable of killing someone, and the conversation ends on a bad note for the two.

Although, it has been a while, a long time actually, it looks as though our dear friend Victor has been demoted in his investigation of Macawi. He must now report to Agent Torrence who seems to have no clue as how to solve a complex criminal case. He wants to remove Bridget from the investigation all together, and Victor reminds him that witnesses to murders are a little bit important in a murder case. We then learn more about Victor’s past where he recruited Shaylene Biggs, a stripper friend of Bridget’s, to assist him in his investigation of Macawi. She went from his undercover informant to merely being under his covers and everything’s pretty much lovey dovey. But, all not well in Police Paradise, Shaylene was eventually murdered by Macawi (the murder that Bridget witnessed remember, from the “Pilot”??) and was also carrying Victor’s child.

Meanwhile, Malcolm goes to Henry to ask him what he knows about the Ponzi scheme. Henry strings Malcolm along, acting like he doesn’t know what is really happening. Malcolm suggests that Andrew may want to hurt Bridget, but Henry dismisses him. While Malcolm is playing Mr. Concerned Citizen, Bridget goes to Malcolm/Charles and hears a conversation between Olivia and Andrew about Tyler. Apparently, he is a problem that needs to be gotten rid of.

Speaking of Andrew, Olivia’s not happy to hear he told his wife the truth. While he’s looking at the company’s future, she’s prepared for when it collapses. He just wants to be with his wife, but she reminds him of the drastic measures he’s taken in the past concerning her. Once she finds out the mole’s name, Andrew tells her to make sure he doesn’t talk—as Bridget overhears.

Bridget calls Malcolm with what she’s learned. She’s going to stay at a hotel and hopes Tyler has some answers. As she’s leaving though, she runs into Andrew and says she has to think. He tries to convince her to stay, but she still leaves. Meanwhile, Siobhan calls Henry and tells him Tyler stole the flash drive. With him en route to New York, she wants Henry to get it back and keep Bridget from him. When she finds out about Malcolm, she tells him they need him gone. Bridget finds out where Tyler’s staying from Claudine.


The hunt is now on by everyone to find Tyler. He’s like a very stupid Waldo. Siobhan wants to stop him from ruining her master plan, Bridget wants to find him to learn more about what the hell is going on, and Andrew and Olivia want to stop him from going to the SEC. He is called in to New York by Olivia, and Bridget finds out which hotel he is staying at. She heads out to talk to him, but is stopped by a menacing Andrew before she leaves. It looks like the pressure of being a dirt bag investment banker is starting to get to him.

While staking out a warehouse, Machado remembers Shaylene meeting him outside the club. Since she was no longer just an informant, he wanted her to quit so they could start over together. She convinced him to let her attend a party with Bridget Macawi has asked them to attend first, but she would be done after that. Shaylene had something to tell Machado, but didn’t. It’s pretty easy to guess what that was.

At work, Olivia tells Andrew that Malcolm accessed files and the algorithm on her computer, and postulates that it was him who told Bridget about the Ponzi scheme. They agree that he too must be dealt with and follow that up by cackling like cartoon villains.

While Olivia’s going to deal with Tyler,  Malcolm receives a call from a blocked number—Siobhan posing as Bridget, angry he talked to Henry about her. He tries to defend himself (oh poor Malcolm, you’re being played), but she tells him they’re done. Oh, Siobhan, you conniver, you. Meanwhile, Andrew finds out about Bridget’s call to Claudine about Tyler.

Siobhan wants to get Malcolm out of the picture too. It seems as though he finds a way to get into the middle of the worst situations. She calls Malcolm and acts as though she is Bridget and yells at him for talking to Henry. Malcolm, oblivious to the complete change of character and blocked phone number believes her. What a chump.

The real Bridget goes to Tyler’s hotel and tries to intercept him. As she follows Tyler, Henry pops out of nowhere are forces himself on her. He claims that the hotel was where they would get their freak on during the affair, but she just leaves him standing there. Tyler is picked up on the street by Olivia and told to hand over the files or else, and that’s when she says “You’re way too pretty to go to jail.” He does, but keeps a flash drive that still has all the information he needs.

After Tyler’s run-in with Olivia, he calls the only person he can trust. When your only confidant is someone has slimy as Siobhan, you know you are a terrible judge of character. He tells her what happened, and says he is returning to Paris. Outside the hotel, Bridget sees Andrew go inside looking like a high fashion cat burglar. Bridget soon gets a voice mail from Andrew, even though he is wearing different clothes and seems to be in a different building, saying that he will do anything to protect his family.

Bridget goes inside and finds Tyler’s room, only to find him DEAD!! That’s never good. Bridget leaves and tries to call Malcolm, but it goes straight to voice mail, so she leaves him a message about what has happened. It went to voice mail because Malcolm was on the other line with Victor, agreeing to press charges against Macawi for kidnapping to return Bridget to her old life. Malcolm gets a knock on the door and opens it to find a menacing Andrew on the other side.

I don’t believe Andrew was behind the murder of Tyler, but Olivia is a likely suspect. Henry also could have gotten caught stealing the flash drive and killed Tyler. We see Andrew greeting Malcolm at the door with a sinister smile at the end of the episode. Perhaps Malcolm is doing more than we realize to break up Bridget’s new life?

So did Olivia actually murder Tyler and if so, was she also the one behind the attempt on Siobhan’s life? Is Andrew in deep enough to commit murder and what are his plans for Malcolm?

How can a show be this compelling and this confusing at the same time??

Addict Verdict: This episode paints a very negative picture of Andrew. The sudden change in Andrew’s personality is sudden and ominous. Maybe Andrew is feeling fear at being exposed and is trying to protect himself. The move on Ringer to make Andrew look sinister and suspicious almost seems a red herring to divert our attention away from the real culprit.

Fix-Your-Eyes-On-Me Scene: The last five minutes, where almost all the show’s regulars are going helter skelter around Soho Diamond, is definitely worth a watch!!


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