Is what we have worth the pain?!


This week on Ringer,
Bridget fears that something has happened to Malcolm when she cannot get in touch with him. In an effort to find him, Bridget visits the hotel where Malcolm was staying and discovers on security footage that Andrew was the last person to see Malcolm before he disappeared and she suspects that Andrew may have killed Tyler as well as Malcolm. Meanwhile, Juliet discovers that her mother played a part in the attack on Tessa. Siobhan admits to Henry the reason she faked her death.

A lot of secrets were revealed and a lot of truth bombs were dropped in this week’s episode of “Ringer”. We finally have the background on why Siobhan went to all this trouble to disappear. After weeks of being the most inert, least melodramatic nighttime soap in recent memory, Ringer continues its upwards trend. ‘What We Have Is Worth The Pain’ is fast paced, leaves us with dangling questions (including a cliffhanger), and only insults our intelligence as viewers a few times (instead of the usual dozen).

Oh sure the reliance on flashbacks to remind us where and why objects and events are important is condescending (the hitman! the cell phone from the hitman! Ioan Gruffudd’s Andrew’s dutch angle entrance into Mike Colter’s Malcolm’s hotel room!), but let’s be honest: many of the events that set this story into motion occurred nearly fifteen episodes ago, so you just gotta have the refresher. I’ll admit that I’d forgotten about the cell phone Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) took off the hitman at the party in episode 2 and I’m freakin’  recapping the show. Lord only knows how casual viewers are keeping up (which is sorta saying something considering there are still only about six characters on the show)!

The mystery of what happened to Tyler, where the flash drive went and what happened to Malcolm still loom large however. This week also gave Agent Machado something to do other than fall in love with clichés in sepia-toned flashbacks, and for that I’m glad. When Malcolm goes missing he freaks out, as once again his only witness has vanished into thin air. Machado has some pretty rank luck. Soon he’s realizing that all is not right at Martin Charles, where Andrew and Olivia are giving off a particularly strong whiff of serial killer today. By episode’s end, Malcolm is still in the wind after his cell phone is discovered on a homeless person and a text purporting to be from him lures Bridget to her near-death.

Just to add a little something, For all I know, during all this mindful mayhem, the actor who plays Malcolm, Mike Colter gets his agent on the phone to yell about how he’s only ever kidnapped or missing on this show. I can’t imagine that’s the way his part was originally pitched to him. What would that pitch be like do you think? “You’re going to spend the first part of the season tied to a chair and then the next part missing! It’s a very meaty role of sitting and not being on screen!” SOLD!

Now that we finally know of Siobhan’s evil plan, the show makes sense. You see, after Siobhan threatened Andrew with her knowledge of the Ponzi scheme six months ago, he threatened to kill her. So Siobhan was instrumental in setting Bridget up to take her place, even going so far as paying off the police officer that got Bridget to run in the first place.

She was under the belief that Andrew would kill Bridget and Siobhan would get time to gather evidence and then go to the police. With Bridget’s death proving that Andrew was willing (and able) to kill her, Siobhan would manage to have an iron-clad defense against Andrew’s money, power and lawyers. Also Bridget would be dead because of that time she agreed to go to a carnival and indirectly–yet not at all– killed Siobhan’s son.

Again, I’m disappointed they made Bridget’s role in the death of Siobhan’s son such a non-entity. This would be a much more compelling story if Bridget was indeed more directly responsible. It would make the story less of a black-and-white, good-and-evil tale and more ambiguous shades of grey. Siobhan’s actions still wouldn’t be justified, but they would at the very least be more understandable.

During all this plotting Andrew spends the episode finding every shady, scary looking corner in every room that he inhabits. Anywhere Bridget’s at, Andrew’s there lurking in a shadow somewhere about to say something ambiguously evil. So we’ve officially found out, it seems, that Andrew is not a good dude. Watching British television has sort of primed me to hear a British accent and imagine that I will be suddenly transported through time and to “Downton Abbey”, so this was slightly shocking for me. Yet there’s still some hope for him.

On the evil side he’s running a Ponzi scheme and he threatened to kill Siobhan six months ago. On the good side, he still loves his daughter and even when Siobhan-pretending-to-be-not-pregnant-Bridget-pretending-to-be-Siobhan (take a moment to get that!) told him she didn’t love him and she was turning him in, he still wanted to fight for their relationship. But, on the not-so-good side…what was he doing with Malcolm before he disappeared? Was he or Olivia responsible for Tyler’s death? They had the flash drive, after all, just not the correct one. Also there’s that Ponzi scheme and those death threats and all those mysterious shadows he keeps skulking into. Consider me on the fence in regards to Andrew’s evil.

Meanwhile, when Siobhan is not playing Bridget who is playing Siobhan (give it time, it grows on you),
Juliet finally figured out that her mother was behind Tessa’s attack and also that her mother is a horrible person. It took her a really, really long time to come to this conclusion. Now Mommy Dearest’s hired thug is after Juliet for more money.

Also, one of the most interesting developments in the plot arrives when Siobhan/Bridget’s driver Solomon now officially becomes the smartest person on this show. He immediately realized that Bridget wasn’t Siobhan because of how her behavior was all weird and then he collected her fingerprints from a glass to confirm his suspicions. A random driver managed to figure this out but Andrew is still totally in the dark. I really hope at some point we find out that Andrew has known all along. I’m not sure someone can be a criminal mastermind and a straight-up idiot at the same time.

At episode’s end Andrew takes a bullet intended for Bridget while Olivia flees out of town and Malcolm is still missing. So, Who tried to kill Bridget? It could be anyone or everyone on this show; she’s a popular person to want dead. Who did Olivia call on the phone? And, WHY was Henry pouring Siobhan a drink when he KNOWS that she’s having his TWINS??!

Addict VerdictRinger threw all of its characters into cars and had them follow each other in pursuit of Martin/Charles financial records and flash drives. It was entertaining, and slightly silly, but there was an energy that I’ve missed so much on the show. Is this the beginning of a new golden age of Ringer?

Fix-Your-Eyes-Me Scene: Siobhan reveals her true agenda behind her vengeance towards her sister to Henry! This scene shows why Sarah Michelle Geller is a force to be reckoned with! Her vulnerability stands out!!


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