How long before your luck runs out?!


The Secret Circle came back with a bang this week! As in, bang bang, you’re dead! Find out who bit it, who got really smart, and who really screwed destiny with my “Lucky” Review! Here’s what happened this week:

Remember when Faye burnt down the gym? Despite Chance Harbor’s booming witch population, no one’s decided to magic away the damage yet. That’s not cool, guys! Witchcraft does not excuse anyone from civil responsibility! Still, we’re glad that the school decided to raise gym-fixing cash by throwing an ultra-glam Casino Night fundraiser (featuring booze!) because big parties = big drama.

Oh, and also,whatever Melissa’s been doing on her out-of-town trips appears to be working. Every time she opened her mouth this week, she laid down the ‘Smack down of Truth’. Diana needed to get out more! Faye needed to go after what she wanted! Jake needed to stop mooning over Cassie! I don’t know what’s gotten into Melissa but I like it!

This week, Blackwell claims he wants to protect Cassie as they bond over some black coffee (“the blacker the better!”), and she takes the opportunity to grill him about her childhood. Blackwell admits that he used to be completely evil, and warns Cassie not to use dark magic lest she go crazy. To spite him, she bends a cup with her mind. Sigh, just like Keanu!

After hanging with her pops, Cassie heads over to the coffee joint for her shift and chats with the Circle about how lucky she is to have her dad back. (As Britney Spears would say: She’s so lucky, she’s a star, but she cry cry cries in her lonely heart.) Clearly, more investigating needs to be done about what John Blackwell wants, so Cassie wanders over to the clubhouse only to find him trolling around suspiciously. It seems like Blackwell is looking for something, but we were slightly too distracted by the way he turned over a table in a fit of rage to notice what it was. Move over Jake, you officially have competition.

Meanwhile, Adam and Cassie are head-over-“the stars” in love with each other, but Adam doesn’t trust John Blackwell. He’s convinced that John is trying to locate a Sway that Nick found in the clubhouse before the Circle was formed. So, what’s a Sway? Oh, just a magical device that drains other witches of their powers. When Cassie confronts her dad, he explains that the Sway temporarily harnesses power so muggles can use it. Apparently, it’s how Eben killed everyone 16 years ago!

We’re thrilled that Adam and Cassie have embraced their astrological fate, but what about Diana “Forever Alone” Meade ? Poor girl is in desperate need of a makeout sesh, so Melissa encourages her to date a “normal” guy. Melissa and Diana head to The Boathouse to pick up supplies for Chance Harbor High’s Casino Night, and they meet Grant, a random hunk/professional wine connoisseur who has his eye on Diana. Melissa invites him to the party, but sadly Grant’s boating out of town (presumably to break in a new polo shirt) and can’t come. Oh well, at least Diana got to flirt with something other than Adam’s discarded eyelashes.

And you know how Faye hates when things don’t go her way? Just imagine how pissed she was when she discovered that Lee’s ex-girlfriend Eva was not only alive, but still very much in love with him. Lee joins Faye on the dance floor for some real talk, and their argument about Eva quickly turns into a makeout session. Yes, please! Unfortunately, Evil Eva walks in mid-kiss and calls Faye a “coping mechanism.” Ouch, Eva better watch her back — we’ve seen Faye kill before and it ain’t pretty. (Nope, we haven’t forgotten you, Sally Matthews!) Faye was able to steal a kiss from him at Casino Night — thanks to her own brand of natural lady magic — but the after-party wasn’t quite as much fun. Eva put a nasty little spell on Lee that appeared to suspend him in some sort of full-body cocoon, or it’s also possible she killed him. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

We grieved the loss of Lee and his hotness, but the arrival new boy Grant helped to ease our pain. He sauntered into town on his yacht and proceeded to court the bejeezus out of Diana with his awesome Aussie accent and general air of adorableness. She tried to play it cool but she was falling for him big time. I support Diana getting back into the dating game but I’m a little concerned about Grant. He wears a lot of layers, which probably means he has something to hide. Or maybe he has a thyroid problem. I’m totally cool with that, by the way. Diana’s in her party planning element, and is thrilled when Grant shows up with a wad of gambling money. They proceed to flirt all night, and Grant even buys Diana a stuffed monkey, which prompts her to lay a kiss on him when they say goodnight. Awwww! In other news,

Meanwhile, Cassie’s convinced that Ethan’s a traitor, and she ends up having a huge fight with Adam after revealing her theory. As Adam storms off, Cassie heads over to Jake’s apartment to complain, and as soon as she leaves he rats her out to John Blackwell. Way to narc on your crush, Jake.

Blackwell rushes over to the school to find Ethan, but runs into Dawn instead and they have an intimate reunion by some unsuspecting lockers. Dawn is clearly infatuated with Blackwell, and she breathily asks him to join in her evil quest for power. Unfortunately, Blackwell is busy searching for Ethan, so he slams Dawn up against a locker and swaggers down the hallway with his signature overcoat billowing behind him. Why do we get the feeling Dawn will be downing a cauldron of wine later?

As Blackwell leaves the party fresh outta luck, Cassie runs after him and catches up just in time to see him get stabbed by Ethan. Naturally, Cassie chases Ethan through the school football field and almost bludgeons him to death before Blackwell stops her. That’s right, Ethan is a traitor — or is he? Blackwell convinces Cassie that Ethan simply has a case of the jellies, but then he heads over to Ethan’s wine cellar, where Ethan promptly admits to working for the witch hunters.

Blackwell promises to keep Ethan’s secret, but only if Ethan keeps Cassie’s dark magic to himself. Poor Ethan is desperate to have the last word, so he tells Blackwell how much Amelia hated him and then goes off on yet another tangent about how Cassie and Adam are written in the stars. Wrong again, Ethan. According to Blackwell, the Blakes and the Conants are cursed! Hmmm, now that we think of it, maybe it makes sense that Blackwell asked Cassie not to do magic anymore. No good can come of it….

Meanwhile, Adam heads over to Cassie’s house, drops the L-word (which she doesn’t return, awkward), grabs her butt, strips off his shirt, and they proceed to have crazy sex while a bunch of creepy birds land on Cassie’ roof. Just take a moment to process it.

In other news, Lee heads home to break up with Eva, only to find her fatal attraction-style crazy. She also seems to have magical powers as a by-product of waking up from her coma, and promptly turns Lee into a dead old man with her mind. Apparently, if she can’t have him, neither can Faye. Sigh, time to pour some diet coke out for our fallen homie. Give Nick a high-five when you get to stud heaven, Lee! Prepare to shed a studly tear, because the vice-president of Chance Harbor’s hunk-squad has been taken from us!

Addict Verdict: Darkness is upon us! The Secret Circle is clearly not afraid of handling dead bodies on regular basis! Only time will tell how far this deliberation takes us!

Fix-Your-Eyes-On-Me Scene: The hot steamy sex complimented with the creepy crows circling the Blake Mansion, makes for quite awaited scene!


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