Enemy of the State!


Ray: “Only two kinds of people use payphones: drug dealers and nobodies.”

Chapter Nine” is the newest episode of The Firm. Mitch and Ray probe the death of a sergeant’s son and the case becomes a national security matter; Tammy lands a new job to break new ground in the Sarah Holt case.

This week, Mitch and Ray are treated to a baseball game by Kinross & Clark. They get the works, box seats and a limo to take them to and from the game. K&C is definitely trying to butter them up. Mitch feels uneasy accepting all of Alex Clark’s perks, and Ray tells him it’s a wise feeling. “We can’t trust anyone,” says Ray.

When they go to leave the stadium, their car is commandeered by U.S. Army Sergeant Leonard Debs, who says he didn’t hurt their driver Tommy. He just wants to talk. Ray was recommended to him by a friend. Leonard’s problem is that his son has been murdered and no one will investigate. He takes Ray and Mitch to the pay phone that the sergeant received a phone call from his son Rashad three days ago. No one has seen him, and he missed his mother’s funeral. During the phone call, Leonard says he heard a phone call and then the line went dead. He arrived on the scene two hours later, but the phone had been wiped clean and no one saw anything.

Ray discovers a new panel in a nearby fence and finds a covered up bullet hole. And it was definitely covered up by a pro. Based on the location, Mitch and Ray suspect that Rashad was involved with drugs, since no one uses pay phones but drug dealers and criminals. Leonard takes the McDeere brothers to his house, which had the shades drawn, the fridge empty, and no sign of life or a struggle. Ray notices a fallen picture frame, and finds a key taped inside the back. Then Mitch gets a call from Detective Quinn who agrees to meet them at the crime scene.


Meanwhile, everyone thinks the story covering up Martin Moxon’s death is a lie. Abby decides to befriend Martin’s widow, hoping that she’ll tell her something to complete the puzzle. Danielle Moxon comes over, saying she’s happy to get out of the house a little. She seems a lot more social than Martin, so we’re not sure why she doesn’t have more friends helping her through this troubled time.

Danielle is short with Abby, answering her questions about Martin’s work and marital life, but she doesn’t know about any trouble Martin could have been in. Looking for a lifeline, Abby drops the bomb that Noble Insurance told the McDeere’s that Martin was stealing from the company. Then Danielle splits. She can’t imagine her poor hubby stealing, and his suicide was the most selfish thing he’s ever done. Thank goodness for his Noble life insurance policy, otherwise she’d be screwed.

Detective Quinn meets MItch, Ray and Leonard at the pay phone in the alley, but he’s not buying that it’s a murder scene. Ray snaps off Quinn’s antenna and finds the trajectory of the bullet and figures out Rashad was shot from the roof. Sniper style. Believe us now?


The three men climb up the fire escape of the building to look for evidence of the sniper. Ray thinks he sees a bullet casing, but it’s an unmarked token. Standing up, he looks through a window to see a man being disrobed by a lingerie-clad woman. An armed man has since snuck up on Mitch and Quinn, ordering them to the ground. Ray is unnoticed and manages to disarm him. They go inside and find a fully operational brothel. As police round up the girls, the man Quon Pho says he didn’t see the shooting, but one of his prostitutes did. Mai says she recognizes Rashad by his photo, she saw him talking on the pay phone. Then a man with a dog approached, and the dog’s barking scared Rashad. He was going back to his van when he was shot, but Mai was too scared herself to keep watching and didn’t know what happened to his body.

Back on the Noble Insurance trail, Tammy thinks she could hack into Noble Insurance’s database from the inside. She finds a job at Bright Buddy, a Noble-affiliated pet food company in Maryland. When she clicks on their locations to show Mitch, Abby and Ray, she realizes Maryland’s outline matches the logo on Rashad’s mystery key.

Ray and Mitch are able to link the key to a Maryland storage facility and discover Rashad’s secret storage spot. Sorry Storage Wars fans, but there’s nothing in the locker except a few bags…holding drugs and guns. Was he trying to run a gang? The manager walks in and demands they sign in, but spots the stash and runs to call the police. It doesn’t look good for MItch and Ray, so they run and take Rashad’s laptop with them.

Browsing through his history, Mitch and Ray discover Rashad had been involved with terrorists, not just reading websites and blogs but contributing to them. He was also on the government’s no-fly list. Ray starts putting the puzzle together. Rashad was clearly listed as a potential terrorist. He was likely selling drugs and weapons to fund something, maybe terrorists. But who has the power to fake a power crew, use a sniper, and cover it up in under a minute? The government. If Rashad’s van had contained bombs which set the dog barking, that could have given Uncle Sam the OK to kill.


Mitch wants to file a Freedom of Information Act request to discover the truth. However, Leonard refuses to accept his son was a drug-dealing terrorist. There must have been a mistake! He was a good kid. Mitch tries to explain the request could take months or years to go through before they have answers. Tammy calls and says their request has been granted for the next day. So soon? This doesn’t look good.

Mitch’s witness protection buddy Louis shows up at the office and refuses to help Mitch. Last week you called me a fed who just wants to control your life. Now that you’ve injured my pride, I’m not going to help give you information I might be able to access (at risk to my job). Maybe if you had played more nicely I would be willing to help. Louis storms out still upset that Mitch has lumped him in with the rest of the government.


Back at home, Abby tells Mitch about Danielle receiving Martin’s life insurance payment. Paying out on a suicide case is illegal. There’s a knock at the door, but Mitch only finds a small envelope with their old Witness Protection number on the front. From Louis? Inside, a DVD of news footage talks about a government kill list, made up of terrorists who were deemed an immediate threat. This was only for terrorists in other countries though, right? Rashad Debs was an American executed on American soil. Isn’t that against the Constitution?

Mitch, Ray and Leonard enter the courtroom, but the floor has been cleared. There is a heavy security force who removes their cell phones before allowing them to enter. In court, Mitch argues the government is required to release the bare facts of Rashad’s case. Alan Harper, Assistant U.S. Attorney, argues that if they had any information and if there was a body – which he isn’t saying there is, of course – the government isn’t required to turn over anything in the interest of national security. Judge Bram recognizes the refusal breaches amendment rights, and demands to see the case file.

Bram reviews it, but refuses to release details to Mitch. There was evidence to support the government’s actions. Rashad was an immediate threat and killing him was within the government’s rights. Mitch pleads for his body to be returned for proper burial, and the judge grants it. When they uncover the body Mitch says they can appeal if Leonard wants to know the truth. Harper tries to stop Leonard from touching his son, but Ray steps in. Leonard says no, he just wants to keep serving his country. Rashad was a good kid, and that’s how he wants to remember his son.

Abby finds Danielle Moxon on her doorstep, and she is pretty pissed off. She doesn’t know why Martin killed himself, but she does remember something. He was trying to figure out how Kevin Stack was saving so much money for the company. Insurance is expensive. “I do know this… Kevin Stack is a bad man,” Danielle tells Abby.

We then have a last-minute whiplash four weeks into the future. The McDeeres are trying to escape their house, but before they can Claire is grabbed through the window.

Addict Verdict: This week definitely had a bit more fluid storyline and the time jumps didn’t hurt quite as badly. We’re moving in a good direction, hope next week continues the trend.

Fix-Your-Eyes-On-Me Scene: Tammy preps her self for her inter view with the Dog food company, and lo-behold!, she gets the eventually, all of this in less than 3 minutes…Absolute delight for Juliette Lewis fans!


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