Oh, Bittersweet Mother of God!


Mitch: “Wanna tag along, confess your sins?”

This week on Chapter Ten of The Firm,
Mitch takes on a tough case defending a woman accused of kidnapping a baby, which is not only being tried in court, but in the media too. Having her own dilemma, Abby agonizes over what to do about a student she suspects is being abused. Meanwhile, Ray and Tammy both discover helpful information involving the Sarah Holt case. Elsewhere, Joey Morolto makes a statement that proves he is the head of the crime family.

The episode starts with three unknown men approach the house as Mitch is figuring out how they will escape. Claire is grabbed through a window, luckily it’s Ray trying to warn them about the men, while Mitch creates a path using blood from a cut on Abby’s foot. He leads the unknown men straight into Ray’s waiting golf club.

Three weeks earlier, a priest introduces Mitch to his newest client, Elena, who is a parishioner being accused of kidnapping a young boy, Tyler. The most intriguing aspect about this case is that is showed the part the media can play in a case. Mitch had to be coached and even did an interview. Typically the media is not really discussed on The Firm, so it was interesting to see Mitch take on a high profile case and how the media affects it. One thing that the writers should’ve done is maybe shown an internet site or something where people are talking about the case. A person or two referenced that the internet and media had already started chatting about the case, and how Mitch was losing. It just would have been nice to see. Did you like the media focus?

Not sure if he liked it, but Joey Morolto sees the coverage of Mitch’s case and watches as he’s hounded by reporters. His consigliere says Joey is “out of time,” he’s starting to look weak and he needs to kill Mitch now to solidify his power as mob boss. Later, the consigliere drags in underling Dominic who is covered in blood and struggling to speak. He’s accused of trying to kill Joey. To address his problems, Joey hosts an “open forum” for the Morolto family to speak up about their concerns and challenge his power. No one speaks up, so he tells the other mobsters that he has a plan for Mitch, it just isn’t time yet. Then he nonchalantly shoots Dominic in the back of the head. He doesn’t expect to have any more trouble.

Abby has a little case of her own. She believes that one of her students, Kyle, is being abused by his dad. It was fairly obvious that the mom was the one doing the abusing, and this was not something that a minute or two before it was revealed that it became obvious. Did anyone else see it coming? What saved the predictability of the “twist” was that Claire got involved. It’s nice to see her magically appear in episodes and do something more than make dinner for the family. Viewers got to see a glimpse of her views on the whole witness protection situation. What did you think of this whole storyline?

So let’s talk about the Sarah Holt case, aka the overarching conspiracy. Tammy makes some progress at her lovely new job. The scenes of her at work were more entertaining than you would think. It is unclear whether or not she has gotten everything she can out of that job or if she is staying around a little while longer. She discovers the list contained people covered by Noble insurance who had died recently, including the woman that Sarah Holt is accused of murdering. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. Any theories?

Addict Verdict: Things are definitely getting a bit more interesting on The Firm.

Fix-Your-Eyes-On-Me Scene: Father-like-son moment with Joey Morolto taking control was definitely long-awaited!


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