Murder On The “O-Death” Express!


1 Train.

1 Murder.

2 Bodies.

Halloween. Hallelujah!

From Marilyn Monroe to Masquerades & Murder, “This Is A Dark Ride” was not only incredibly intense and totally shocking episode, but it also clued the viewers into a few massive revelations surrounding the “A”-Team! Oh, and also, there was another ‘A’ on the A-Train, you might have heard of him, ADAM LAMBERT, charging up the train, in fangs (take a moment to suck that in, pun intended)!

The episode opened with the very delirious Mona singing to another member of the A-Team from her cell. She slipped the A some drugs and bullets. And since it’s Halloween, it’s time for tricks or treat (read murder and make-up)! This is right up Mona’s alley, no? BTW, if Mona continues to sing as much as she does, the show might wanna consider changing it’s title to Glee: Psycho Killer!

We then see the core four. Spencer, Hanna, Emily, and Aria are strutting the streets of Rosewood contemplating costumes, when they are startled by a lawn display featuring a decorative version of Ali’s coffin complete with some dork himself dressed up as Ali’s corpse, waiting to pounce out. Even as Emily was ready to kick his ass, Spencer mocked him for not getting laid! This is what’s been missing from my life over the past few months! This deserves a hash-tag! Go #Spencer

As reformed as Garrett Reynolds might seem, what with him stopping by Spencer’s to drop of some flowers for ‘her Mom’, when in reality he was looking for an opportunity where he could confess everything he knew about Ali’s murder, and her missing body, to Spencer; only to have their tête-à-tête intruded upon by none other than the alpha male himself, Toby Cavenaugh! Oh, BTW, Spencer’s a modern post-feminist! Toby’s just another A!

Moving on, poor spleen-less Caleb can’t even reap the benefits of being in the know. He and Hanna have been laying low since he, you know, got shot. Aria, on the other hand, expected to have Ezra on her arm when she boarded… The A-Train! Fitz bailed, though. He had to do research for a biography he’s working on in Philly. (You might wanna remember that, for future revelation, I mean reference!)

The pre-party set up some proclivity for the prospective predicament. Lucas photographed everything and looked noticeably less like a druggie this episode. Noel Kahn faked his death using an Alien knockoff gag. We’ve been teased for weeks that Someone will die! Noel’s faking, to me, put a target spot right on his face for a real kill later; however, that was pretty much the last of him until the end of the line.

“They tell me I’m a danger to myself! Now the crazy train is ready to roll! Oh!”

That’s Adam Lambert performing his song “Cuckoo.” Later on he treated the group to “Trespassing” from his sophomore album, as well. If only this was my Halloween treat! *sigh* As much as I enjoyed watching the cast trying very hard not to look awkward dancing in the front row, I liked Spencer’s reaction to bumping into a spontaneous Adam Lambert concert.

Spencer: “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

While dancing, someone dressed as the Phantom Of The Opera gave Hanna a spank.

Hanna: “Do that again and you’ll leave with a bloody stump!” LOL

Elsewhere, Jenna and Toby caught up at the cooler with Toby making a tasteless blind joke, covering her non-patched eye with his hand. And now that we know Toby is on the A-Team, can we support Jenna a little more?! To be pondered upon. Meanwhile, Jason made his presence known as James Dean (take another moment to flail)! Catching up with Spencer briefly, it almost seemed like Jason was actually tailing Lucas. Also, while Paige and Emily were able to steal a romantic moment in a separate compartment, Aria, who dressed herself up as Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby (the book, not the movie) moped to Adam Lambert about her lack of an Ezra for the evening, eventually promising to be front row at Adam’s next performance. She would never make it there! ‘A’ slipped the drugs Mona gave him/her (remember that too for future reference) into her drink. Side note: I thought Adam did a pretty good job acting!

We got a little bit of what sounded like Mona’s eerie humming, only to watch “Freddy/Jason in a potato sack” pin Spencer to a wall. It turned out to be Garrett in disguise! Apparently, Garrett only had a short amount of time before he left Rosewood behind for good. He liked Spencer and always wanted to be the one helping her, if only he had better luck (read skills) of doing so. Confession time.

The night Alison died, he and Jenna had left Melissa and Ian to argue in her bedroom. The two ventured into Ali’s backyard, which was apparently under construction, only to bump into Alison herself. After sharing a few reproachful sentiments back and forth, Alison ended up pushing a blind Jenna into the dirt. In an attempt to fool Jenna into thinking he was protecting her, Garrett picked up the murder weapon and banged it against a tree. Alison played dead. In other words, Jenna thinks Garrett actually killed Ali, and both of them had their hands on the weapon that allegedly did kill her later that night. Then, Who killed Alison?!

Before leaving Garrett witnessed Alison and… Byron Montgomery, a.k.a. Aria’s father, arguing in her back yard and tossing threats back and forth! Well, in a town full of awful dads, he’s sure near the top of the list, anyway. Spencer ran to find Aria but only managed to bump into Hanna and Aria’s purse. The scribble of Aria’s name on the window had been wiped away to leave just the “A,” and the girls got their first text in a long time.

Should the girls believe Garrett? As Hanna puts it oh so aptly, you get a varsity letter for messing with them in this town. Spencer kept looking for Aria, while Emily and Hanna rounded up their dates. Where was Aria? Bound and gagged in a crate! Aria managed to knock the crate over and start working herself free. Meanwhile, Hanna ran into Caleb, or at least, a duplicate costume. After some toying, Hanna pulled the mask off to reveal an Alison mask! Who would end up behind it?

During her inquest, Spencer found Garrett’s mask, but no Garrett! When all of a sudden, a scary devil/jester pounced and a fight broke out. Hanging Spencer from the train, it became clear that this could have been the end of the line for the Liars. Whoever was out to get them, was determined to start killing them tonight. After a serious struggle, Paige came to Spencer’s rescue, pulling off some serious UFC-type moves! Finally, reconciliation ensued between these two. In addition to the already piling up pile of clues, Paige found a giant fake nail on Spencer’s dress.

Back in the box, Aria managed to start breaking free. The tape came off her mouth, just before she realized she wasn’t alone in there! Did she really take that long to realize she was sharing the crate with… Garrett’s body?! That’s right, Garrett Reynolds is no more. In the mean time, Hanna concluded from the over sized nail that some fool is running around attacking ladies in drag, and I’m pretty sure Jenna found Lucas’ camera. Is that the same prop camera Aria uses?

The crate starts to shake, and Aria realizes that she is being moved, and we hear two voices, one male and one female… my instincts tell me that they belong to Lucas and Mona. Placing her on the edge of the train, Aria goes into panic mode as the other three girls search frantically. Eventually, they come to the end of the line. Aria’s necklace tipped them off. Hanging by what was literally a nail on the edge of the train door, Aria secures herself another second by stabbing a hand through the cracks with a screwdriver left inside the crate. A wound to give away an A-Team member next episode? Hanna smashes the glass on a locked door with an extinguisher, and the three just barely manage to catch the box before Aria fell to her doom. See? The A’s are indeed looking to kill these girls. Two of them almost died tonight. Then again, why save Emily from Nate last episode? Do they want credit or is there something else going on here?

The best episode of PLL came to an end with the group being questioned by police. Noel and Jenna blamed the girls on sight. And just as Noel continued to push Spencer, Toby stepped in and things got physical. Knocking Noel into the ice cooler, the contents spilled to reveal Alison’s body bag. Oh, Ezra just happened to show up.

Now, what exactly is Ezra hiding? He claims he has to go to Philly for a writing job, but he doesn’t appear to be telling the truth, so maybe he’s really doing something involving his son. Or maybe he’s on the “A” team, considering he shows up on the train awfully quickly after it stops. Ezra might as well tell Aria, “I decided to drive over here and hop on this train, since we all know it’s a good idea to hang out at the scene of a murder and make people think that you might be involved.”

And, the epic of an episode comes to an end with Mona smirking like a loon back in bed with her Alison mask, and…

Flashback: Alison’s hand bursting out of the plot where she was buried alive!

oooh…. Now the fun part, and my personal favorite part of the episode… While the Liars were being dangerously trick-or-treat-ed, elsewhere on the mainland, Ms.Marin might have been a bit too carried away by Melinda Gordon, because now it seems, that even Ashley Marin can see ghosts, in this case, a young girl with cold skin who talks about her mean sister and their dolls, and we’re assuming this is the ghost of Ali’s sister.

What did you all think of the special episode? Were you as impressed as I was? Is the show going to continue to be more suspenseful now that we know the A-Team is actually out to kill the core four? Who’s Halloween costume was your favorite? Will you miss Garrett now that we know more of the truth? Is Toby annoying you, now that we know he’s part of the A-Team? Is… Ali… Alive?! Or was it just a Halloween spook?

To tickle your taste-buds even more, here’s a sneak peek of the next episode, dated January 8!:


2 thoughts on “Murder On The “O-Death” Express!

  1. Rakhi Dalvi

    mystery thickens and gets tensed every moment….is mona still involved or just playing tricks to scare the girls.the real A is still out somewhere….give details of all their friends ?…..

  2. Anisha Dalvi

    godd!!!! now that is scary!!!
    what a great episode!!! the best one actually!!!
    now that is how you make a come back on your blog!!!
    i like the way you write!!! as if u r telling a story and even giving your own comments along the way!!!
    a job well done!!! 😉

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