Employed, Good. Underemployed, Even better!


So, you know how you’re always wondering what’s gonna happen to you when you graduate college? Will you be able to achieve what you’ve always dreamed of? Or will you take the high road because you think the straight path has too many obstacles? Will you actually make it when you’ve always dreamed of “making it”? Or is your motto the catchy tagline, “Too much make up is never too made up”? Do you dread the day when you’re standing facing The Gates Of Reality? Or do you strongly believe that procrastinating the very thought of reality is a good idea?

Some were dreaming, some were dreading, but, with their college degree in hand, the day had come when five young, hopeful, clueless, opinionated, dreamy and basically really optimistic protagonists of MTV‘s freshman drama Underemployed, hell-bent on “celebrating their world domination”, had to face the unknowingly haunting music of Reality. The Emily Dickinson-quoting Literature scholar and the class valedictorian Sophia dreamed of being a New York Times bestselling novelist. The resolute ad-campaign enthusiast and cutely adorable Daphne dreamed of being the Peggy Olson of the 21st century, even though she may not have had any idea who Peggy Olson was! The optimistic, yet extremely aware of his attractive visage Miles dreamed of being the next ‘New Face’ of Calvin Klein. The knowingly gifted, yet surprisingly composed singer Raviva dreamed of touring all across America with The Sleigh Bells and her guitar. And finally the witty environmentalist/recycling-enthusiast Lou dreamed of being the ‘Al Gore of the new decade’.

Most of you, if not all, may completely relate to these aspirations, and wish the same for yourself, as they for themselves. I can totally relate! But, on the day of your college graduation, for many the world seems conquerable. While for some this may seem far from an ending, but a whole new beginning to CHANGE THE WORLD, reality eventually sets in and soon “‘now’ turns into ‘then’ and ‘hello’ soon turns into ‘goodbye'”  This was pretty much the case with our bunch of bright young hopefuls. And this was a year ago…!

Here’s where they stand now…

Sophia, the English college prodigy, in the midst of writing The Next Great American Novel, now goes by her daytime alias, “Donut Girl”, wherein as a result of being out of Maple Bacon Bars, she’s eventually fallen victim to fairly regular swearing, cursing, whining customers who appear to be quite determined to remind Sophia that her job is to have Maple Bacon Bars. Contrarily to the earlier events of the day, a chance encounter with a college classmate, Sophia realizes that her heart may in fact belong to her own feminine kind, a secret that she does not reveal even to her best friend, Daphne!

Beautiful Daphne, the ‘powerful ad exec’-hopeful finds herself stuck in an unpaid internship, which expects her to showcase her loyalty to the nonpaying enterprise by asking her to demonstrate how delicious dog food can be! And the only reason she adheres to the appeal is because the person asking her to do so, Todd, her boss, has certain feelings for her and she for him. Also, this “professional” relationship that she grudgingly succumbs to takes her to places often visited by driver-less vehicles, and by that I mean she has sex with her boss in the back of his car! Oh, and she also lives with her Dad!

The ‘soon-to-be underwear model’ Miles is ‘flashing’ his assets to an extremely old bunch of women along with catering on the side, with his always hungry Russian live-in girlfriend, Tatiana (dearly known as Pukey McToothpick, for the obvious reasons) hoping to one day “flash” his gifts to Calvin Klein, all to pay the rent of the apartment that he shares with Lou.

Lou, our ideal environmentalist is now handling out ‘Save The Environment’ pamphlets outside malls, welcoming some extremely crude remarks, like being called a “lesbian” by what appears to be an over smart 10 year old boy! And, since his breakup with college sweetheart Raviva about a year ago, his “life is real”, as he so aptly puts it!

Raviva, the wannabe rock star with the voice of a nightingale, who bar-tends with a unique talent of mixing warmth, love and friendship with alcohol, has turned out to be “pro life” with another life, a 9-month old consequence of bitter farewell and tequila! A consequence of actions she believes to be joint accounted for with her long lost love/best friend, Lou, when she goes knocking on his door!

So, we have a baby. Now what?!

And just when you thought their lives couldn’t get any worse, we have an extremely cute and adorable little “it” joining them!

How will the friends react when they find out that one their own has one of her own? Will Lou now get a “real job”? Do think Raviva will turn into a unmarried live-in housewife? Will Miles ever rid himself of his resourceful, yet gobbling girlfriend? Will Daphne continue to indulge herself in coitus with her boss for the long over-due remuneration or will she prove her worth? Will Sophia ever come out to her friends or will she wait till her Great American Novel to hit the shelves?

Keep reading TeleFliction for my next update on the heartwarming coming-of-age comedy about growing up, from the creator/playwright Craig Wright, co-creator of the short-lived Dirty Sexy Money and writer of Six Feet Under, Lost and Brothers & Sisters. Underemployed is the kind of show that hits you, hard, but leaves you smiling!

If you liked Friends, you will adore Underemployed!

Here’s why…