‘DaVinci’s Demons’: Exclusive clip, David S. Goyer talks season finale


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The first season of “Da Vinci’s Demons” comes to a close Friday with an episode titled “The Lovers,” and the show’s creator, David S. Goyer, is promising that some secrets will be revealed — namely the identity of the Prisoner.

“We’re going to reveal who the Prisoner is in the eighth episode,” Goyer confirmed. “We’ve got to answer some questions and introduce some new mysteries as well. So, we decided we’re going to say who the Prisoner is at the end of the first season. You still don’t fully understand why he’s the Prisoner. We’re going to reveal that in the second season.”

Hero Complex readers can check out an exclusive clip from the season finale below — an emotional moment between DaVinci, played by English actor Tom Riley, and Lucrezia Donati, actress Laura Haddock.

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“Da Vinci’s Demons,” starring English actor Riley as the young…

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