Girls Season 1 Review


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ImageIf you loved Sex and The City you will love this. Think of Sex and The City with a modern twist. Like Sex and The City it revolves around 4 girls, but they are in their early 20’s. They are all completely different characters, but the people they play tie together to make one amazing show.
It mostly revolves around Hannah, she is like the “Carrie” of the show. She is a little chubby, not the pretty pretty girl. For the first start of the season she is casually sleeping with a guy called Adam while failing at finding and keeping a job.
My personal favorite character is Jessa, everything about her is beautiful and if you watch the show you will understand. 

I’m still yet to watch the second season which is waiting for me after I finish watching season 1 for the second time.
I believe you if…

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