Gotham series is headed to Fox


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While we were freaking out about Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman, Fox was wrapping up a different deal with Gotham’s hero in mind. Sort of. Today it was announced Fox landed a commitment on Gotham, a pre-Batman series exploring the origin of Commissioner Gordon and his encounters with Batman’s rogue gallery.  You can read more details on Gothamhere.


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How do you feel about another hero series making its way to the small screen?

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‘Gotham’: Batman’s city to get its own drama series on Fox


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I found this article quite interesting and am sharing it here for you to muse over. I take no credit for the content of this article.

Gary Oldman plays Jim Gordon in "The Dark Knight." (Stephen Vaughan / Warner Bros.)Gary Oldman plays Commissioner Gordon in “The Dark Knight.” (Stephen Vaughan / Warner Bros.)

Step aside, Batman. Commissioner James Gordon is getting his turn in the spotlight in a new drama series set in Batman’s hometown.

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