Top 5 ‘Friends’ Thanksgiving Episodes


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The biggest part of the holidays is the tradition of it all. The food. The family. The yelling. It’s always the same and it always feels right. Like, every year on Thanksgiving after I’m done eating and have become immobile, I bravely make my way downstairs, far away from my family and marathon the Thanksgiving Friends episodes. So let’s put all that time I’ve wasted to some good use with this very scientific and formal list of my favourite ones:

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Glee says goodbye to its Quarterback: Finn Hudson



It’s been 3 months since Cory Monteith lost his battle with addiction. And Sunday I finally had the courage to watch “The Quarterback”, GLEE’s tribute to the beloved character Monteith played, Finn. I had been waiting until a moment where I could be alone with my tissues because I would not fool myself in to thinking I’d be strong enough to come out of it w/out being puffy eyed and a tad melancholy. When I find myself bawling during movies and tv shows my bf is quick to remind me “Ally, you realize this person is alive and well in real life right?” (ahhhh unfortunately logic doesn’t seem to help my emotional gene ) However, what made this episode so emotionally draining was that this time…that statement could not be further from the truth.


To say this episode was a beautiful tribute would be an understatement. To say that the writers and…

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