Downton Abbey: Five questions raised by the new Christmas special pictures



ITV has released a batch of new images from the Downton Abbey Christmas special, dropping further hints as to what the festive episode will bring.

We already know that the episode will centre on Lady Rose’s coming out at Buckingham Palace, with Lady Cora’s brother and mother (played by Paul Giamatti and Shirley MacLaine) travelling to London for the occasion.

But the new pictures provide a little more detail – although they pose more questions than they answer…

Will Lady Mary finally put her suitors out of their misery?

The 2011 Christmas special saw Lady Mary get engaged, while the 2012 festive episode saw her widowed. Will the 2013 special see her engaged again? With suitors Charles Blake and Lord Gillingham both making an appearance, here’s hoping she chooses one or puts them both out of their misery…

What’s happening with Lady Edith?

In the series finale Lady Edith was pregnant and…

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