Kristen Bell Says “Everything Felt Right In The World” When On The Set Of Veronica Mars



Abbie Sedgeman
Staff Writer

With the official release date set for the eagerly awaited Veronica Mars movie, Digital Spy managed to catch up with Kristen Bell — who will be reprising her titular character — to discuss Disney’s Frozen. Naturally, a few sneaky questions about Veronica Mars were slipped in, asking what it was like to have been able to portray that character once more, six years after the show’s cancellation.

“I was just nervous for the sake of being nervous, but the minute I got on set and started saying those distinctly Rob Thomas snarky lines, everything felt right with the world,” Bell told Digital Spy.

Bell also hinted at the chance of reconciliation between Veronica and Logan, played by Jason Dohring, as the two characters, despite being in an on-off relationship, have lost contact in the nine years that have passed between the end of the series…

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