Kristen Bell Says “Everything Felt Right In The World” When On The Set Of Veronica Mars



Abbie Sedgeman
Staff Writer

With the official release date set for the eagerly awaited Veronica Mars movie, Digital Spy managed to catch up with Kristen Bell — who will be reprising her titular character — to discuss Disney’s Frozen. Naturally, a few sneaky questions about Veronica Mars were slipped in, asking what it was like to have been able to portray that character once more, six years after the show’s cancellation.

“I was just nervous for the sake of being nervous, but the minute I got on set and started saying those distinctly Rob Thomas snarky lines, everything felt right with the world,” Bell told Digital Spy.

Bell also hinted at the chance of reconciliation between Veronica and Logan, played by Jason Dohring, as the two characters, despite being in an on-off relationship, have lost contact in the nine years that have passed between the end of the series…

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Authorship in television


Richard Holland

In recent years, movies and TV shows have become almost indistinguishable from each other. Shows like Breaking Bad, The Sopranos and Game of Thrones have brought enough cinematic techniques and inspiration to the medium to discredit the idea that television shows are artistically inferior to movies. Many even favour the longform storytelling found in TV shows, to the point where more shows are capturing the cultural zeitgeist in a way that a lot of movies are no longer able to. It is clear that this is the result of a general increase in the quality of recent TV shows, but this leaves the question of how they became so much better. While there are obviously a number of factors affecting this, it seems clear that an increase in authorial control is the most important.


Consistency is a rare thing in television shows. As a product of numerous different writers, directors…

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‘Bonnie & Clyde’ Review: New TV Miniseries Revives Iconic Outlaws


Hollywood Life

Get our take on the triple-network feature, then drop a comment with your own review.

Before diving into a review of Bonnie & Clyde — which began its two-night premiere Dec. 8 on Lifetime, A&E and the History channel — we think it’s important to get one thing straight: This TV event is, by no means, an attempt to outdo Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway‘s original 1967 film. It’s merely meant to introduce the infamous outlaws’ story to the next generation in a new, exciting way; and in that, believes it succeeds with guns blazing.

‘Bonnie & Clyde’ Review: What We Loved

Our favorite casting choice, Emile Hirsch, is the perfect Clyde Barrow for a 2013 audience. The 28-year-old fuses his trademark boyish charm with the real-life criminal’s ruthlessness, resulting in a fully-realized character, whom new viewers can be more sympathetic to than they probably anticipated.

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2013 Year In Review (part 2): The Dead


R.I.P. Bunheads.

Righteous Rabbit

Previously on Righteous Rabbit.

Many shows got the big no no this year – some deserved it, but some did not. But no matter what, nothing will stop us from mourning for them.



There are five simple reasons to watch Bunheads and why it did not deserve to get cancel (fuck you, ABC):

1. Sutton Foster

2. Sutton Foster

3. Great female characters and female relationships

4. A rare show that focuses on female characters of different ages

5. Have I mention Sutton fucking Foster is on this show? You don’t cancel show with Sutton Foster in them. Not when she even dances and sings, you just don’t. Because Sutton Foster is flawless and she makes everything 1000% better everyone bows down to the Queen Sutton Foster.



Okay, here is the deal, comparing to a lot of shows (for example, Bunheads), Go On doesn’t necessary stands out…

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‘Witches Of East End’: Past Ingrid Returns To Seek Revenge


Hollywood Life

Plus, Freya’s worst fear is realized and Athena puts a plan into action.

The truth about Freya (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) and Killian’s (Daniel di Tomasso) engagement-party kiss finally came out on Witches of East End‘s Nov. 17 episode, and honestly, I didn’t even feel badly when Dash (Eric Winter) ditched Freya for London. Weird magical destiny or not, she did him wrong and deserves to face the consequences. Besides, if Freya went to London with Dash, they’d have to change the title to Witches of West End — and that’d just be crazy.

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RUNDOWN: Revenge Unveils Huge Twists



revene-promo-secrecyAre you done hyperventilating from tonight’s episode of Revenge? After a few snoozers of episodes we bounce right back into it tonight in the episode aptly titled ‘Secrecy’. Now we just have to wait until December 8 to see what’s next. Let’s dissect the biggest jaw droppers of the night (WARNING: SPOILERS).

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