Scare your bloody senses off!


In recent years, the horror genre has predominantly been the dominion of the cinema. TV shows that set out to chill the blood and make the skin crawl are few and far between, with AMC’s The Walking Dead being a rare exception. Perhaps inspired by that zombie smash hit, the big networks are turning their eye to horror once more, and The River is the first new project to hit our screens. Read our preview below and let us know if you’ll be tuning in!

So what’s The River actually about? The series follows the story of Emmet Cole, a popular television personality and wildlife expert. When Cole vanishes while on a jaunt to the Amazon, his family, friends and crew embark on a rescue mission to recover their lost comrade.

At first glance, the show’s premise sounds more like an epic adventure than a creepy horror piece, but take our word for it, there’s something very nasty lurking within the rainforest, and it’s not long before things start to spiral horribly out of control.

If you’re still doubtful that The River has the potential to scare, we should perhaps mention that Oren Peli is the executive producer. Back in 2007, Peli wrote, produced and directed a little horror movie called Paranormal Activity that scared the pants off of the Western world, and you can certainly see that film’s influence on The River from the snippets and clips released so far! Peli developed the original story for The River alongside Michael R. Perry, who also played a key role in the Paranormal Activity franchise. Perry honed his thriller-writing skills on NBC’s recent mystery drama Persons Unknown and spooky Fox series Millennium, and even contributed a couple of episodes to classic kids horror series Eerie, Indiana back in the ’90s!

Michael Green also had a hand in The River‘s screenplay and boasts some strong credentials, with writing credits including this year’s Green Lantern film and episodes of Heroes and Smallville. Topping it all off, Jaume Collet-Serra – the director behind 2009 film chiller Orphan – helmed the pilot for The River too.

All in all, The River looks set to be a spectacular thrill-ride!

The River premiers Saturday, March 3, 9 PM, exclusively on STAR World!


Revolution-izing Television?!


Not quite, but, pretty damn close! Read on:

What appears the be the final piece in NBC’s drama puzzle this pilot season has fallen in, – NBC has given pilot orders to Revolution, a dramatic thriller from J.J. Abrams and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke. The project, from Warner Bros. TV, had a massive production commitment with a $2 million penalty attached to it. The pilot order comes after a recent rewrite. Described as an epic adventure thriller, the Warner Bros. Television project follows a group of characters struggling to survive and reunite with loved ones in a world where all forms of energy have mysteriously ceased to exist. The project puts him back in the NBC fold, where Undercovers, his short-lived CIA series aired for a few short months before getting the ax.

Kripke will pen the script with Abrams and Bryan Burk (Fringe) on board to exec produce via their Bad Robot.

Its funny, if you think about it,

All forms of energy have mysteriously ceased to exist.

Beside the obvious (oil, natural gas, coal, wood), that would also mean wind, water, sun, dried cow dung, etc. have also ceased to exist?
What’s left?
Hubris! LMAO

And, Let me guess. There are also flashbacks to the days when there was power and they were with their loved ones……

Seems interestingly familiar, ………The Twilight Zone??

Well, I sure hope with such big names behind the project, it “Revolution”-izes TV! :-p

Midnight Sun is rising, better watch out!


No, Edward’s not telling us how he met Bella, instead this update quite different…! Read on:

The major networks are starting to home in on their 2012 pilot orders. NBC and ABC gave out a flurry of greenlights Friday evening, with more to come this week.

One of the interesting new pilot orders by NBC, the network that gave us hit dramas like Heroes, ER, The Event, and New Dramas like The Firm, Grimm, is:

Midnight Sun, based on the Israeli series Timrot Ashan, aka Pillars of Smoke, is a thriller concerning an FBI investigation of the mysterious disappearance of a group living on a commune in Alaska. The Alaska setting is appropriate given that the original series is being described as Twin Peaks meets Northern Exposure meets LostMidnight Sun centers on a female FBI cult specialist starts an investigation that uncovers a larger conspiracy.


Lisa Zwerling wrote the adaptation and is executive producing the pilot with Peter Traugott, his executive Rachel Kaplan and Alon Aranya.

Although the incomplete Stephanie Meyer novel has absolutely nothing to do with this, expect for having the same name, to the dismay of many, the plot does seem interesting in its own way…….. Doesn’t it?!