G.G., your secret is out and I’m telling!


Ah, the dream montage…. Today’s the big wedding day and Serena is dreaming about being Marilyn Monroe?!!!

There was really no way Gossip Girl’s 100th episode, having been hyped for an entire season, while promising romance, tears, scandals, nods to the past and the mother of all shockers, could live up to its expectations.

“G.G.” didn’t lack for drama, however.

In what has come to be a make it-or-break it episode, Gossip Girl had a golden opportunity to redeem its recent mediocrity and prove itself worthy of all the passion and loyalty we’ve invested over the years. While there were some gaping plot holes and disappointments tonight, depending on your “Oh No” Moment, you can’t find fault with the pure number of twists, especially during the last five minutes.

Seriously … anyone see that coming?!

Georgina Sparks is Gossip Girl. Wow. Talk about saving the best for last. We have approximately eight million unanswered questions regarding how she pulled this off undetected all these years … but wow!!!

Who else could it be, though? Michelle Trachtenberg was hands down the best part of this episode, and every one she’s been in. From a plot standpoint, it actually made sense that Gossip Georgina was the one to torpedo the royal wedding. Much as she tried to pin it on Chuck, Serena, Dan and Nate, none of them would do that to B. With G.G.’s identity still unknown to all the characters, and Trachtenberg sticking around, it will be very interesting to see if she’s unmasked by the gang. While her latest, greatest act of sabotage came out of left field, that’s not exactly out of character for her. Every line out of her mouth was hilarious, but never more so than when she referred to their annual “shindig.” She really does show up without notice, and possesses an unparalleled way of stirring up trouble on a grand scale with seemingly no emotional attachment or conscience. Personality-wise, she’s tailor-made for the part. Having been down for the count, Gossip Georgina saw an opportunity for a big comeback and taking down Blair was the prime opportunity. Awful as we all feel for B, you gotta hand it to Evil G for this coup.

Joshua Safran – Kudos to you and your writing team for pulling off this storyline!!!

The episode wasn’t perfect, but it definitely injected the season with some fresh life, thanks to G.G. and the revelation that Louis is worse than a boring, uptight stiff that B doesn’t really love. Much, much worse.

We all expected somebody would stop the wedding, and knew Gossip Girl would be involved. But the fact that B went through with it in the end, only to be deceived by her prince, is heartbreaking and surprising.

Where does Mrs. Grimaldi (it hurts to even say it!) go from here?

The final twist of the night came when the runaway bride was rescued not by Chuck, but by Lonely Boy, Dan. Chuck is clearly not out of the picture, but he wasn’t on the other end of her distress call. Nice misdirection there.

From Dair and Chair, to Blouis and Derena, this episode gave fans on every side of the polarizing love square (love pentagon?) something to talk about. It’s hard to even know where to begin – or guess where we’re headed.

Blair found out who wrote Louis’ vows, but the author himself didn’t spill the beans. Chuck confessed his true feelings for her, only to let her go rather than ruin her wedding. Two great guys she has here. Call them her knights in shining … purple suits and Muppet hair? In a way, G.G. may have made it possible for Blair to be with Chuck (or Dan) without the baggage of him having ruined her nuptials to Louis. The interesting thing now is that Chuck and Dan won’t necessarily be pitted against each other yet, but joining forces in helping Blair escape the marriage that shouldn’t have been.

And then there’s Serena. Oh, S. No one can say this episode contained any filler – the characters put it all out there, from G.G. to Chuck, to Nate and even Serena, who dropped a massive L-bomb on Dan … and we don’t mean lonely. Serena’s been doing a lot of soul-searching (as has Nate, thanks to his run-in-with “Lola”), but sadly for her, this confession may not be reciprocated.

Funny how dreams can imitate real life, isn’t it?

In the non-romantic couples news, Serena and Blair’s friendship actually played a role for once, and for that we are grateful, as that used to be a central component of the show that has been sorely lacking of late.

We’ll see if that lasts, considering Dan’s role in both of their lives. It’s fitting in a way. It wouldn’t be S and B without a heavy dose of conflict interspersed with genuine concern and love for one another.

Next: Our Princess Bride is now a Runaway Bride, and seriously people, the musical sequence, really?!!

Addict Verdict: The last five minutes might just have saved the show from being canceled for the next season!

Fix-Your-On-Me-Scene(s): My eyes were nailed on to the screen during the last five minutes, when we find out, that,

  1. Blair chose to run away with not Nate, not Louis, and not even Chuck, but, Dan!!!…Oh, I’ve always wanted the Dair angle to work out, they just have so much in common!!!

G.G., Who are you? That’s a secret everyone one knows! You know we love you….


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