‘Witches Of East End’: Past Ingrid Returns To Seek Revenge


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Plus, Freya’s worst fear is realized and Athena puts a plan into action.

The truth about Freya (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) and Killian’s (Daniel di Tomasso) engagement-party kiss finally came out on Witches of East End‘s Nov. 17 episode, and honestly, I didn’t even feel badly when Dash (Eric Winter) ditched Freya for London. Weird magical destiny or not, she did him wrong and deserves to face the consequences. Besides, if Freya went to London with Dash, they’d have to change the title to Witches of West End — and that’d just be crazy.

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RUNDOWN: Revenge Unveils Huge Twists



revene-promo-secrecyAre you done hyperventilating from tonight’s episode of Revenge? After a few snoozers of episodes we bounce right back into it tonight in the episode aptly titled ‘Secrecy’. Now we just have to wait until December 8 to see what’s next. Let’s dissect the biggest jaw droppers of the night (WARNING: SPOILERS).

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Delightful Downton Abbey



Although I had heard for years that Downton Abbey was a great television show I never really gave it much of a chance. Perhaps living in London has brought on a change of heart and I recently started watching it. I have to say it has quickly lived up to its reputation and I am extremely happy that it is available on British Netflix. At this point I’ve almost finished the first season and look forward to many more!

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The Schwartz Factor


The Fangirl's Dilemma

Most showrunners have a pattern. You can spot their shows from a mile away and they tend to go really well for their fans if they stick to that pattern.

Joss Whedon: Group of misfit adventurers fight demons/evil space empire/evil mind control corporation/supervillains while bucking conventional social ties and falling in love. BUT DON’T EVER ADMIT THAT YOU LOVE SOMEONE BECAUSE THEN YOU AND OR THEY WILL DIE!

Aaron Sorkin: Impossibly good looking and intelligent idealists talk a lot about saving their corner of the world and do. Also everyone else is stupider than them. Hooray!

Brenda Hampton: Self righteous teens and their parents deal with issues in a ridiculously straightforward way. Lead actress turns out to be actually talented but her character is the WORST.

JJ Abrams: Strong concept and characters devolve into useless twists, but you’re hooked so you keep watching anyway.

Matthew Weiner: WIN ALL THE EMMYS!

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