Orange Is the New Black…OBSESSED


When I find a new TV show that is amazing, I fall into a trance.  I eat up episodes like crazy.  Netflix was created for people like me.  Those that say “limits?  what are those?  I’m gonna watch all season TODAY.”  There have only been a handful of television shows that have blown me away, crafted perfectly and keeps my attention.  And I’m not talking straight up comedies, those are too easy to take in and watch over and over again.  I’m talking more hardcore drama/dramedy types that suck my soul.  I’ve lost sleep over the following:

  • Six Feet Under (I watched this via Netflix discs, the day I’d get new discs I would not sleep.  I went to class in a hoodie and glasses)
  • The first season of Roswell (changed my life in 8th grade!  Still the same magic when I re-watch it on Netflix)
  • Dexter (love the…

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Comic Con Highlights: Benedict Cumberbatch & The Reichenbach Fall


It's Strawberry Blonde

Anyone who knows me will know I’m a pretty big Sci Fi fan, so when it comes to bucket lists, getting to Comic Con is up there.

I couldn’t make it this year, but of all the things I’ve seen so far, Benedict  Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s video message to Sherlock fans looks to be one of the most amusing treats on offer for those who could.

The guys couldn’t make it to the Sherlock panel (which was attended by the likes of co-creator and soon to be Game of Thrones star Mark Gatiss) so they recorded some special messages for the fans who had assembled.

I may not buy into the whole Andrew Scott is an awesome Moriarty thing (I don’t like his version of the character at all, sorry), but I’m pretty frickin excited for Season 3 now. And in case you missed it, they revealed the name…

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